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I may or may not have forgotten that I blogged a while ago about the hard drive failure and the loss of all my Carnivores works.(oops)

I do have a extremely late update on it and HUZZAH the hard drive was saved and all my assets were unscathed (woo!). Though I have been on the constant mindset of backing up all my stuff to other places as precaution I've been also working on a few new things, though not anything huge for Grazenlands.

Speaking of which I did archive the ModDB page when the drive debacle happened but I have yet to get it out of the archives, mainly because I haven't been doing any progress on it since the recovery but I'm in the stage of Grazenlands where most things that are being worked on are going to be in the -hush hush- phase until I have something of actual worth showing (and by that I mean actual gameplay necessities because there are still a LOT of unfinished holes that need filling), and to attempt to cool down the long hype.

It's been more than over a year since development for sure and all the goodies that have been shown are something to be excited about for this old dinosaur hunting game BUT I do believe that calming down the hype a bit should at the very least ensure that the possibility of disappointment upon initial release is not at its worse.

Got a lot to live up to, but in the meantime the Carnivores Saga has been making a lot of huge strides outside of Grazenlands that certainly are worth taking a look at, with some being my own small contributions.

So huzzah that's the late and needed update.
You can check out my Twitter for any hobby related stuff (Some definitely Carnivores related), and my Patreon if you want to try out some Carnivores addons or view some assets before public release.


Congrats! ^-^

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