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Darth Tihr
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Ten10dix Author


Has a strong Force Roster
Can defend himself against a single melee combatant effectively thanks to his knowledge of Form II
Has basic Command and Infiltration knowledge


He may have trouble against a dedicated swordsmen or group of melee combatants
Due to trust issues, doesn't make friends easily
Enemies in the Sith Order may make problems for him later


Fanatical Loyalty to the Sith, may lead him to do foolish deeds.

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nice :)

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History: Darth Tihr was taken by the Sith Order as a young boy, just before the Galactic Alliance was betrayed and destroyed, and the Jedi Order exterminated, by the Lord Cronus.

Tihr doesn't know who his family was. He doesn't know where he was born. He doesn't even know his own name. His entire life was spent studying the Sith, their language, their history, their politics, their hierarchy and their way of life. He is among the few who can fluently speak the ancient Sith language, thanks to his mentor, the High Inquisitor Nil.

But while he may be an expert on Sith culture and politics, he has yet to prove himself as a strong Sith. Nil has faith in his apprentice, believing he may be a useful asset if nurtured well enough. Tihr only very recently became an Inquisitor, and he is looking for opportunities to grow his power and his influence in not only the Sith Order, but the Galaxy itself.

Personality: Tihr considers the Order as his life, and has a fanatical loyalty towards it. He looks up to Lord Nil as a farther figure, though no sentiment of love exists between the two. Tihr is strong minded, and thanks to his extensive education is in the perfect place to become an important political figure in the Order.

However, like many Inquisitors, Tihr has a very hard time forming bonds of trust with anyone, and has quite a few enemies. The most notable, who he dramatically names his "rival", is a Sith named Darth Furere, Apprentice to his master's own rival, Darth Uril, Sith Fist.

Skills (NOTE: subject to change depending on which system we chose, currently believe we have 10 skill points):

Lightsaber Technique I-->Lightsaber Technique II (-3)
Force Manipulation I-->Force Manipulation II (-3)
Defense I (-1)

Command Ability I (-1)
Infiltration I (-1)

(I consider you can have 3 Force Powers per Force Manipulation skill, but thats just me xD):

Force Manipulation I: Lightning, Slow and Barrier
Force Manipulation II: Mind Trick, Fear and Wound

Lightsaber: Form 1+2

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