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Lost Alpha: Stalker Diary #2-----I had decided to leave the main road. I headed across the endless fields with trees and shrubs, walking alone without seeing anything to tell me that anyone had ever been here before. The beauty of nature, the wind across my face and the sun setting was tranquil and exhilarating. I felt one with the world and far from the horrors I had seen in the days before. As dusk set I turned on my headlamp to guide the way. Even though it was fast approaching darkness I was not worried...that is until I heard the mutant dogs. Suddenly fear gripped me and I realized the weakness of my headlamp was inadequate to keep going like this facing mutants. I checked my PDA and saw that a ridgeline was ahead and I was anxious to get to the safety of an outcrop of rocks to climb. Quickly I scrambled up them and knew I would have to spend the night here as the dogs howled and barked all around me. I was truly in the middle of nowhere far from any roads or signs of civilization. And then I heard a strange sound...a steady hum. A continuous low, droning sound. Mechanical. Man-made. I took a huge risk as the dogs were very close and ran along the edge of a cliff suddenly finding a hidden opening surrounded by foilage. I entered the darkness with my headlamp shining ahead of me to illuminate the secret entrance before me. The dogs were right behind me and before me there was only one option. An Elevator that descended into the bowels of the earth below. All I knew was that no one had ever mentioned this place before and I didn't have the slightest clue where I was or what awaited me beneath. I did know that my food and ammo were very low and the thought crossed my mind that this could be a one-way trip.

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