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January 2, 2016: ( from the GSC Game World Forums )

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

From my Post on the Call of Chernobyl page on ModDB: ( 18 hours ago )

Congratulations on getting 9th place in the ModDB Player's Choice Awards:

This is a great accomplishment as the only Stalker Game in the Top 10.

Even though I'm in the middle of a couple of other Stalker Games, I
decided to install Call of Chernobyl today. I liked the information at the
beginning showing a background on the Factions, each Faction relations
and a starting loadout. I decided on the Loners in the Rookie Village.

As it launched in the Rookie Village, I noticed that it looks fantastic,
has a really nice feel and looks very promising. I attempted to search
the Rookie Village and it crashed. I went back and changed it from
DirectX 11 to 10. I've got it toggled where the AI won't die in anomalies.
I had started with the Atmosfear3 stuff at default on both choices.
So I tried again and made even less progress this time. However
this was different, where as I was kicked to desktop I still had a
small black screen where I saw nothing but could still hear the
audio running. The log recorded nothing and was at 0 kb.

I did start a Game of CoP earlier in 2015 and I did have a lot
of stability issues at first that got better later so I'm hoping I
can get farther. Wish I had more to tell you but not getting any
files information shedding light on my problems. I had both patches
installed and it's set for the auto updater. I'll try again more tomorrow.

Anyway, once again great work on this unique stand alone Mod
and I've seen screenshots and videos to know it's very special.
As a person that doesn't have to be told in a Game what to do,
I've always been able to make my own fun so this Mod sounds
right up my alley. My current SoC Game ( 1.0005, no Mods, no ZRP )
just reached 12 months Game Time so that is my longest accomplishment
in any of the 3 Games. I entered Pripyat on May 1, 2013, a year
after getting the "Kill Strelok" mission from Sidorovich.

Congratulations to all of Team Epic!!!


That is a good a balanced review, it's a mod that suits my gameplay style, which is, I take my time and explore through the many levels.
What few CTD's I experienced have been solvable and the continuing support Team Epic put into this mod is excellent.

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