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January 2, 2016: ( from the GSC Game World Forums )

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread)

From my Post on the Call of Chernobyl page on ModDB: ( 18 hours ago )

Congratulations on getting 9th place in the ModDB Player's Choice Awards:

This is a great accomplishment as the only Stalker Game in the Top 10.

Even though I'm in the middle of a couple of other Stalker Games, I
decided to install Call of Chernobyl today. I liked the information at the
beginning showing a background on the Factions, each Faction relations
and a starting loadout. I decided on the Loners in the Rookie Village.

As it launched in the Rookie Village, I noticed that it looks fantastic,
has a really nice feel and looks very promising. I attempted to search
the Rookie Village and it crashed. I went back and changed it from
DirectX 11 to 10. I've got it toggled where the AI won't die in anomalies.
I had started with the Atmosfear3 stuff at default on both choices.
So I tried again and made even less progress this time. However
this was different, where as I was kicked to desktop I still had a
small black screen where I saw nothing but could still hear the
audio running. The log recorded nothing and was at 0 kb.

I did start a Game of CoP earlier in 2015 and I did have a lot
of stability issues at first that got better later so I'm hoping I
can get farther. Wish I had more to tell you but not getting any
files information shedding light on my problems. I had both patches
installed and it's set for the auto updater. I'll try again more tomorrow.

Anyway, once again great work on this unique stand alone Mod
and I've seen screenshots and videos to know it's very special.
As a person that doesn't have to be told in a Game what to do,
I've always been able to make my own fun so this Mod sounds
right up my alley. My current SoC Game ( 1.0005, no Mods, no ZRP )
just reached 12 months Game Time so that is my longest accomplishment
in any of the 3 Games. I entered Pripyat on May 1, 2013, a year
after getting the "Kill Strelok" mission from Sidorovich.

Congratulations to all of Team Epic!!!

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 25, 2016

Important Information!

I think I just discovered some limitations with Call of Chernobyl that
could/would/should cause a CTD if you have similar circumstances.
Like all the Stalker Games have a limitation of about 3,200-3,400
screenshots that will crash your Game upon launch, ( meaning you
have to empty/move them outside the installation folder ) there
seems to be a similar situation with your Manual Saves with CoC.

Here's how to identify that situation with what happened to me.
You go to make a Manual Save ( does not matter if you create a
new name or re-use a named save ) and you may get the prompt
you are re-using one in the latter situation, but when you go back
to your normal Game Play, the Manual Save name does not appear
at the bottom of the screen. You check the Load/Save Menu screen
and it is not there either. This is when you know you have reached
your Saved Games limitation. Mine was right around 1,995 files. Keep
in mind that each Manual Save has 3 files, so divide that number by 3
to get the actual number of Manual Saves involved or about 665 saves.

So I went to the CoC folder, created another Saved Games folder in the
larger CoC folder and moved them there. When I launched my Game
again, I got this CTD that happened upon launch. I don't know what
it means but I had an idea what to do next or what I should have done:

Next I created a new folder outside my CoC folder where my Game was
installed and moved my excess Saved Games there. Once the really big
folder was reduced of my excess Manual Saves and moved to a location
outside where CoC was located, I was able to launch my Game and once
again make new Manual Saves. This should apply to everyone who likes
to make a lot of Manual Saves like I do. Remember this for the future.

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 25, 2016


Certainly your question about the best armor and typical load-outs is
dependent upon a Player's progress in the Game. Probably the biggest
deciding factor is before 3rd tier upgrades ( by Forester only ) and after.
Since all the Repair Techs ( as far as I know ) can receive the Basic and
Advanced Toolkits, a Player, no matter which Faction should be able to
upgrade armors and helmets as they choose. Also depending on where
you start out geographically and what your Faction Trader has to sell
makes a huge difference in what you can use and what you find later.

In my case, as a Loner starting in the Cordon, this was my first armor
I upgraded as much as possible with the helmet. It didn't last very long.

Sunrise bodysuit:

Tactical helmet:

From there I was delighted to find out that CoC did not use CoP's gimped
SEVA suit that had no night vision. I left the Cordon wearing the SEVA:

The Marshes contains some of the best & most unique suits in the Game.
They are similar to other armors like the Military and Faction light combat
armors but often have better properties in different ways. Here are the
two of the four I like best. The CS-1 and the CS-2 are very light upgraded.

CS-1 Armor:

CS-2 Armor:

The Tactical Helmet is superior in the 3rd Tier upgrades that I don't have
yet ( if it follows the same CoP path ) where you can get infrared vision
to see through walls detecting enemies in urban combat settings. Since I
left it behind in the Cordon, I bought the Sphere M-12 Helmet of which I
upgraded to be identical ( with it's 3rd Tier upgrade path slightly different )
because I didn't want to spend the money on the exact same helmet I had.

Sphere M-12 Helmet:

In all these screenshots, you can see a typical load-out with my preferred
weapons and equipment. I realize there may be better armors and guns
to carry later, but this is where I am now. I think Max Chill may have the
best armor in the game to answer your question though. I am more of a
believer in lighter weight of weapons and ammo and especially not having
to buy ammo, so as much as I love the RPK, I don't like it's weight and
scarce heavy and expensive ammo. I tend to go with looted ammo most

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 25, 2016

Thanks for the 1.2.33 patch. I am testing it now. I made a manual save
and reloaded it and Spore gave the "Deliver the PDA to Nimble" task again
so that's a good sign that the intent to re-give old tasks is working that way.

I found a solution for what to do with Fanatic. The problem with having
a companion that you tell to follow you or guard a position, is that they
will often override that command if a hostile NPC or mutant is present.
This can be bad if you put them inside a building for their safety ( from
any later Psi Storms or Emissions ) and they run outside to confront
the NPC or mutant. Then they stop where they're at and suddenly they
are standing outside exposed and then die guarding in an unsafe place.

So, with that thought in mind, rather than just getting Fanatic killed in
action, I thought I would take him to a new place safe from future harm.
A place where no hostile NPCs or mutants would go, free from temptation.

Our journey to his new home:

A late lunch with friendly comrades:

At first this was captivating to him:

I figured they could keep each other company:

I doubt Fanatic will get any of that Vodka though:

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 24, 2016


I never accused you of anything, as you can see I deliberately never
mentioned anyone by name. I am not aware of the full membership
of Team Epic, nor do I know how many of them frequent this thread,
nor do I know each member's technical expertise other than you are
the main person who I have dealt with. My apologies for my apparent
frustration, impatience and overall general whining. Do understand if
I wasn't enjoying CoC so much, that I would not have kept playing it.

I'm a couple of days away from 2 months in the Zone. I've only seen
two levels. The Marshes has so much to do, so many ways to have
some action, do tasks and initiate some epic combat firefights. Even
with the semi-broken companion bug I have, I'm having a great time.
No one has as much sympathy and understanding for burn out, fatigue
and stress as I do after working with Dez0wave. Unlike a certain person
who I do not need to name ( not Dez ) you have been pleasant, helpful,
attentive and resourceful in my interaction with you. I will be eternally
grateful for you helping with my Helicopter problem that was killing my
frame rates. All my current problems I am working through as best I can.

I am more than willing to help you as much as I can on anything I am
reporting. Any screenshots, videos, testing procedures or giving Tester
quality feedback is something I can do. Anytime you want my most
recent or specific manual save, you can ask me for it. I currently have
1,882 files in my Saved Games folder. As I mentioned before, I may not
be good at rushing through many levels to get to some point but I am
very good at staying in a level for a long period of time and de-bugging
it when I see some trouble. Thanks again for all your previous help and
your understanding that if I didn't care about CoC, I wouldn't be here now.

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 24, 2016

I'm really frustrated right now. I don't understand how people can
put weeks and weeks, months and months or even years into creating
Mods and then they don't support them. What's the point in all that
hard work if your Mod becomes bug-infested and becomes unenjoyable
due to bugs, glitches and crashes? Now I am understanding if there are
a lot of problems when something first comes out ( and the reason I avoid
them at first ) but many months after that point and there are still so many.

I've previously reported my companion bug in the Marshes. It seems to
be isolated to the Clear Sky Base and Fishing Hamlet where I get the CTD
I posted. I discovered that if I get farther away like at the Pump Station,
the Church or Burnt Farmstead, I can actually hire one or two companions.
So it seems to be location specific and perhaps the reason why others may
not have reported it or it has been wide spread. I took off with two men
and decided to explore the northern part of the level where there is the
level changer to the Agroprom. From there we went eastward along the
fence all the way to the Northern Farmstead. I did not know what to
expect there since I had first arrived from the Cordon to the Southern
Farmstead. We found Clear Sky there which was a nice surprise to see.

Since I had taken the rescue job at the Loner Base in the Cordon from
someone in the Marshes, and I was suppose to deliver a PDA to Nimble,
I decided to go back to the Cordon. The rescue job with my two men
went good and we killed 7 Bandits there. Again like the other rescue
job I had some dialogue about him following me but the screen went
momentarily black and when it came back he had vanished. Was there
a reward? It was like a movie with bad editing where you didn't know.

The good news is that the Nimble fetch-a-gun job that I reported was
not working after it was adjusted to include only pristine weapons, was
finally working as it should be. More good news that Sidorovich finally
offered me the job with the Bandits at the Vehicle Station. I found that
Fanatic had dialogue to join us ( I was down to one companion after the
other ran into some Pseudodogs ) and I thought more help was better.

So Fanatic, my Loner from the Marshes and I set out to attack the Bandits.
The job went okay. Something I had done hundreds of time in SoC, I
was finally seeing in CoC. However when the 3 of us made it back to the
Rookie Village things went wrong. I tried to talk to Fanatic to wait by
the campfire stash and the attempt to do so made my game crash. I
had just made a save right before that so I launched that and instead
went to Sidorovich for my reward. There was none. He said here is
what I promised and gave nothing. To top off my misery, when I went
to Fanatic there was no dialogue for getting rid of him like other people
and to make matters worse my PDA is showing the mission not completed.

Sidorovich gives no reward:

I can't get rid of Fanatic:

My PDA is now bugged:

If ANY of the CoC people are reading this, consider this thought. All
that hard work you have done will be for nothing if your Mod is bug filled.
Reviews of your work will get less favorable over time. People will say
Call of Chernobyl "could" have been a great Mod but it got no support.
The bottom line is please start fixing some of this stuff. If all these things
can happen to me, they can happen to anyone. However there's only a
very few people who can fix these things. While I look forward to seeing
more than the two levels I have seen, I also dread more bugs to come
that no one seems to care to fix. Please Team your work.

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 24, 2016

I know what this is. Do you?

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 23, 2016



Here's my typical beginning load-out with 2nd tier upgrades in the Cordon:


I'm obviously doing it wrong.



There is no right or wrong way.

You do it how you want to. With each Game you get better and you learn things.
What that screenshot doesn't tell you is I started out with a Stalker ( Sunrise )
suit that I fully upgraded to the 2nd tier. I had no intention of getting the
SEVA because I thought it was the gimped no-night-vision CoP version.

I bought it and discovered it wasn't and decided to stick with it. I was
in the Cordon for a whole month earning money to get all those weapons
and armors upgraded. Look at Max Chill's screenshot. He started passing
through multiple levels and has a lot better armor, weapons and more money
than I do, so there are many ways to do whatever and not just mine or his alone.

After I left the Cordon, I went to the Marshes where I've been there 3 weeks now.
I'm wearing an Armor that has less protection that the SEVA in many ways but has
better impact and armor for bullets. I upgraded it and it now weights only 0.45 kg:

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 23, 2016

A close friend of mine is playing CoC too and he's trying all the various Factions
and has decided to give the Monolith a try. In his screenshot it shows 3 different
types of Exoskeletons. I was not aware that the Zombies were neutral to him:

Here's my typical beginning load-out with 2nd tier upgrades in the Cordon:

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 23, 2016

Max Chill:


Poverty is the cost of neutrality. Exploit abusing, mass
murdering Bandits shower in riches and premium gear.
My profits and usual load-out as of day 26:


Cool. Probably the most difficult Faction since the Monolith
Faction has a lot better gear. I see you are there with your
two comrades in crime: Max Mayhem and Max Overdrive.

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Tejas_Stalker Creator

Call of Chernobyl mod (Official Thread) January 22, 2016



I tried this mission three times unsuccessfully.

First, I went alone into the swamps, and killed all the Bandits around him.

He joined me, but would not follow if I walked through any water
forcing me to face other Bandits and Military I had sneaked past
on the way in. I kept getting killed as I was outgunned and had
no armor yet. Went back to a savegame.

Second, took a Loner with me. Got very near the target
area and then got a mission update. The target vanished
from my minimap and the mission was gone from my PDA.
I did not see a "mission failed" message. Timed out?

Third and last, I went with a friend again. This time
moving much faster in case there was a time limit.
Killed all Bandits, spoke to the guy, "Follow me if
you want to live!", screen goes black for a few seconds.
The hostage disappeared and the mission is gone from my PDA.

At this point I gave up on the mission
until I get an armored suit and much more ammo.

On a positive note: I go back to Cordon and take the
"eliminate the bandits" mission from Sidrovich, then head
into the bunker to rest so I can tackle them in the light of day.
Upon waking I get a mission update pointing back toward Sid.
I guess the Bandits got killed overnight because I collected the reward!


I took the same mission from some random Loner at the Rookie Village.
I had 2 companions with me and since some Loners and Clear Sky
spawned at the same location ( Fishing Hamlet ) the action was over
with before I got there. I found the Loner in the surrender position.
He said something about following me but he walked about 20 feet
and then vanished. I checked my PDA and there didn't seem to be
anymore to it or any reward. I tried it a second time and my screen
went blank and he simply disappeared and I never got to talk to him.

I admit it had been 3 weeks from when I took the job and when I was in
the Marshes so I realize several things could have gone wrong. I never
saw a PDA marker for the Loner in the Cordon to return to for getting
my reward so I assume he may have been killed after so much time
passing. This may explain why when I reloaded my save to try it
again, he simply vanished without the dialogue. Also since I was
at my 2 companion limit, I thought that might have caused it
to bug too. Not sure what went wrong but don't feel alone.

I've never seen Sid's mission to take out the Bandits at the Car Park.
After taking the assassin job from Sidorovich, he decided not to ever
offer any mission of any type again. I reported that before but no fix.

FYI: None of the NPCs friendly, neutral or enemy will enter the radioactive
water so don't expect them to stray from any of the designated paths. Your
companions will die if you take short-cuts and you force them to take a very
dangerous path going right into mutants or enemies in their attempt to join you.
Also when you get near danger, they may stop following you and attack any men
or mutants nearby. There's additional dialogue with your companions to tell them
to stay down, not shoot and to curtail being Rambo but it's dangerous to gimp them.

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