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Changing Origins on a vee model

Programs needed :Jed's Half Life Model Viewer, Milkshape 3D 1.8.4

1. Make a folder somewhere at your desktop or whatever but make sure that you can remember where it is,Then put your V model inside the folder.

2. Now open Jed's Half Life Model Viewer, Now open the model that you want to change the origin.

3. Now got to the origin tab, Now the X presents the left and right if u put - Tt will go to the left if it's not - It will go to right,the Y presents length of the gun view,the Z represents low and high, do whatever you want with it don't close it yet we gonna need it later.

Now open Milkshape 3D 1.8.4, go to Tools>Kratisto's Half Life MDL Decompiler 1.2,
now a window will open, now go to the folder and find the file and it will decompile the files of the model. ( Includes the textures, the qc files and the sequences and references. )

5. A.) Now open the .qc file and find the line "$eyeposition" and put a new line on top it ( there 3 lines so go to the second line at the back press enter 3 times and go to the middle line )
B.) If there were no "$eyeposition", find the line "$cliptotextures" then press enter to for a blank line.

6. Now type there $origin 0 0 0

Now edit the Zero's to the numbers that you made in Jed's Half Life Model Viewer.

$origin 2 4 2

8. Now save as and override the old .qc file not the text file! The all files and type it v_.qc.

Now open Milkshape 3D 1.8.4 and go to Tools > Half Life > Compile QC File >

10. It will compile your file and the newly created model file will be in the folder that you made!

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