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Red Alert 3 Paradox

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Being somewhat involved in the lore for a while, I might be biased, but obviously I wouldn't be if the mod was bad. To start with, the ambitions are almost extreme. Five new factions is a lot of work. Hopefully it'll pay off, and it's looking that way - progress is slow but steady, and the team is talented. The team's biggest weakness, but also one of the biggest strength, is the perfectionism. As they learn, stuff gets redone, improving overall quality but slowing down the progress. The interaction with the community by wiki and podcasts is also helpful in integrating the rest of us, who can't mod.

Although the game is only in beta stage with lots of bugs, there is a consensus that they'll be fixed. The team is dedicated and professional, and their thoughts of game balance and unit designs are in general excellent. All the factions fit, are unique and interact well with each other. The flexibility of the mod format allows things that don't work well to be changed.

What makes me caught up in Paradox is the universe. It's not only a game mod, it's an entire setting with many parts allowing for great detail, references and morality discussions and problems of high quality. The community is mostly friendly to each other even though it's difficult to become trusted. Writing skill is valued highly, and helps making controversial ideas accepted. All contributions are assessed, however, and if it works anyone can contribute.

To conclude, Red Alert 3: Paradox has an extreme potential that looks like it's going to be fulfilled. We all know that it will take time, however, so we have to be content with indulging ourselves in the universe while waiting.

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