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The Type 3 Ho-Ni III (三式砲戦車 ホニIII San-shiki hōsensha) gun tank was a tank destroyer and self-propelled artillery of Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. The Type 3 No-Ni II superseded the Type 1 Ho-Ni I in production, and was much safer for the crew due to its having a completely enclosed superstructure. Previous gun tanks, Type 1 Ho-Ni I and Type 2 Ho-I, were not really optimized designs. Ho-Ni I used a semi-enclosed casemate for the main gun, which made the crew vulnerable to the close combat situations expected for a tank destroyer design; Ho-I, despite its enclosed rotating turret, was armed with a low-velocity howitzer more suitable against gun batteries and fortifications and required specialized shaped-charge warhead ammunition in tank destroyer roles. The fully enclosed and armored casemate of the Type 3 Ho-Ni III was intended to address these issues, and an order was placed with Hitachi Ltd in early 1944. Production was hampered by material shortages, and by the bombing of Japan in World War II, and only 31 or 41 units were completed by the time of the end of the war.

Place of origin Empire of Japan
Weight 17 tons
Length 5.52 meters
Width 2.29 meters
Height 2.39 meters
Crew 5
Armor 12-25 mm
armament 75 mm Type 3 Gun
armament -
Engine Mitsubishi Air-Cooled V12 Diesel
170 hp
Power/weight 10 hp/ton
Suspension bell crank
range 200 km
Speed 38 km/h

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