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St vz 39
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Czeckoslovakia was amazing... becuz it is so fun to say. Czeck republic and slovakia are less fun to pronounce, making them less awesome than their predecesser

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Czechoslovakian dogs sounds better than Czech or Slovakian dogs.

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ST vz. 39 or V-8-H was a Czechoslovakian medium tank developed by ČKD in the late 1930s. Only two prototypes were ever built. In the fall of 1937 the Czechoslovak armed forces launched a contest for new medium tank. The contest participated Skoda, CKD and Tatra. Most interesting was a tank company ČKD V-8-H (later ST vz. 39). Immediately after the first test tank had 143 errors of which only 16 were more serious. The tanks mostly had to replace the engine, the army was at least somehow satisfied. Due to the worsening international situation, the army decided to order 300 tanks, and later a further 150 more, but the order was canceled after the Munich Agreement of 1938. After the occupation of the remainder of Czechoslovakia March 15, 1939, representatives of the German armaments office selected V-8-H for Army testing polygon in Eisenach. As a result of fortnight testing, order was issued in November 1939 on making another prototype. This was to be delivered without turret and armament, only with a concrete block to simulate load. This marked a prototype V-8-HII (second option), or V-8-Hz (trial) in the second half of 1940, underwent tests in Germany Kummersdorf. Germans did not ordered production, because V-8-H technical parameters were only similar to already mass-produced PzKpfw III.

Type Medium tank
Place of origin Czechoslovakia
Production history
Designer ČKD
Manufacturer ČKD
Produced 1937—40
Number built 2 prototypes
Weight 16.20 t (15.94 long tons; 17.86 short tons)
Length 5.35 m (17 ft 7 in)
Width 2.27 m (7 ft 5 in)
Height 2.34 m (7 ft 8 in) overall
Crew 4
Armor 12-32mm
armament 1x Škoda 47 mm A11
armament 2x 7.92 mm ZB-53 (MG 37(t)) machine gun
Engine Praga water-cooled 8-cylinder gasoline
192.2 kW (260 k)
Transmission 4 speed
Suspension leaf spring
Fuel capacity 260 l
range 150 km
Speed 43.5 km/h (27.0 mph)

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