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Hey guys. I'm going to inform you about this decent but underrated game. Basically, you create your own tank with it's own attributes, and play against other tanks(People) online. The problem is, it gets little publicity. So please, check out this game. It needs more players, and I promise you won't be disappointed!

News article on game's newest release:

Good day all! Today we released TANK@WAR version 1.2!
The new release features the following, among other things:

- Decal system; scorched earth, improved tank tracks, environment decals

- More particle effects; explosions, dust trails & smoke

- Level of detail system, for better performance

- Introducing tank kits: land mines, night vision and radar jammer

- Improved tank hangar, with a new look and a new slick metal track playing on the background

- Post processing effects

- Spectator camera, follow that bastard that shot you down previously, to get some insight in his play style

- In game sound / control options (graphical options only available in main menu)

- Some other graphical improvements

- An authentication server that players log into to play on any server
afterwards, instead of registering for each server independently

- We switched to the cAudio sound library, from irrKlang so more
platforms are supported (inc. Linux 64-bit) and because it has better

- Show the most valuable player (MVP) on the end of the game

- Using the latest Irrlicht version from trunk, noticeable FPS increase

- Server messages: You were kicked/banned/disconnected from the server

- New Destroyed tank models

- Added ability to choose audio device for sound output

- Improved normal/bump map shader

- Improved textures

- Added Bump maps to rocks and trees

- Fixed random tree generation

- Better looking tree billboards (using imposters)

- Improved hit indicator

- Fade in/out effects, transitions (e.g. on damage impact)

- More Camouflage options

- New secondary weapon models

- Improved visuals for weapons

- Ingame access to tank workshop -> tank switching

- Cloud & weather system

- No more restart required after changing some video options

- Improved networking = less lag

- Lots of small changes, improvements and bug fixes
Here are some screens


Also, we worked hard on making TANK@WAR compatible with Linux 64 bit and mac. TANK@WAR for Mac will be released later, hopefully tomorrow.
The downloads are, at the moment of writing, being authorized.

Alternatively, you can grab the client from our site:
Hope to see you online soon!


It's pretty much unpopular because internet is filled with games that are almost exactly like this. By the way, no ads= no one knows about it.

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ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp Author

Don't forget it's not very far progress-wise. Early stages of the builds of games will usually be basic, then add other stuff as development progresses.

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