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- according to WG data, Lorraine and Batchat did historically have a crew of 3, it won't be changed

- tank-to-tank matchmaker (SS: as in "one IS-7 can only be matched to another IS-7", eg mirror teams) won't be implemented

- the decal size and color change won't come anytime soon

- there will be no special servers without gold ammo implemented

- tank armor will be rebalanced "when necessery, opinion of players about it is not taken into account"

- all the Chinese guns implemented developed the end of the 70's are
Soviet copies or developed based on Soviet originals. After that, the
Chinese started copying the West. However, you can't read about this
anywhere for now - Chinese development is rather secret.

- there is no special coefficient implemented into the game, that would
somehow average the XP gain of good and bad players, such averaging is
done by general vehicle balance

- Jagdpanther II gun/mantlet model is not bugged, it can be penetrated

- Chinese tank destroyers might come this year, depends on the Chinese research partners

- Chinese SU-100 copy might appear in their TD tree, again depends on the Chinese partners

- according to SerB, the machinegun miniturret on Jagdpanzer E-100 was
ordered specifically by Hitler (SS: can't remember, but there was some
crap around that... I think it was removed because it messed with
loading in the end, not sure)

- the bottom of the T110E4 turret is very thin, 20mm or so

- apparently the Redshire map won't be taken down for re-work

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