Currently searching for a space indie game which needs a UI Designer

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About me

Time to explain things about me. If you are interested in learning more about me.

How I got into programming

I am a 13 year-old Java coder and UI artist. And how exactly did I get into this? I was inspired by Google Chrome(yes, the browser). I wanted to create mine, a web browser. WELL, for 2 months, I was pretty much copy-pasting every single code I watched from You Tube without learning anything. So I actually pretty much do not understand anything at all. After a few more months, creating games became a question in my interest. How did they create it?

The Transition to gaming

This brought me here of course, back then I did not understand the development cycle, what engines are, what models are. I AM COMPLETELY CLUELESS. Well, stubborn Julius, carried on to repeat the mistakes he had done in the past, COPY-PASTE. We all know that's a bad thing. So the first engine I tried on was Unity3D 3.x Well of course, things never go out as planned because I was completely clueless. So I abandoned Unity. Then... Minecraft came to my interest.

Transition to Java

The transition to java was pretty much inspired by Minecraft. Now, I knew how hard was it to create a 3D game. So I tried this "Slick2D", didn't pretty much care wether its still being updated or not. So yes, I proceeded on testing my skills. AND This time, I learnt finally. I tested these newly acquired skills that I had gotten. Problem is, to make a game, you must render something. Oh theres text! Well games aren't all made of text right? So GIMP came.

GIMP in Mind

GIMP was the software I use for my games until now. I always draw stuff when I was younger. But I became a computer "geek" as what my classmates call me. I abandoned that hobby and set a new. But GIMP Brought it back. I felt so good, enjoying what I usually did. (Now WITH COLOURS!)

Interest In Design

I became interested in designing, joined Alternate Game Studios, developing Night Crisis. Problem is, they were complimenting my designs, but in the end, they abandoned it and use another one's without my notice. Next, I joined another guy who was developing a fighting game. He had to pause his development due to his work.


I now set my eyes on working on another science-fiction space game with other new indie developers. I am also currently learning LibGDX for use of my new Turn-Based Strategy Game: "Dispute" Set in South-East Asia, controlling your country. I am also now learning SWIFT Programming language. That's pretty much it.

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System Networks is a 1 man team, currently working on System FRONT. I create games for fun and hobby. I don't usually draw as I'm not an artist but need...


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