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Operation: HOMEFRONT

Mod review

R.E.A.R.M. - The Unofficial Classic HW 2 Expansion

Mod review - 3 agree - 1 disagree

A great mod for those wishing to extend they're homeworld experience. All the ships fit in very well, and is in fact one of the more balanced mods out there. The only real issue with it is that it isn't completed yet (and is still in alpha). Which makes one wonder what it will be like when it's complete (Don't stop working on this mod!)

Granted the developer is a wee bit disorganized but when you find a mod developer that isn't let me know (Which invalidates it as a point to take away from score)


Path To Victory

Mod review

FX: Commander (Classic HW2)

Mod review

Point Defense Systems (V13)

Mod review

This is a great mod for the sit back and watch captain. Which is a good thing, with the improved AI you can focus more on the larger more important tactical moves. Plus there are a whole bunch of new ships to take a crack at and bigger more "rave-like" space battles. And if your into it, there is added dialogue. Listen as your resource collectors complain about picking through scrap or overhear a commander give coordinate point orders (we even heard a pilot go awal and say he was bugging out)

But there is one part in this where it seems to fall short is that when you tell a ship to attack another, they don't know when to give up! In one battle sequence we wanted to do a tactical reinsertion, retreat our forces through back through a dust cloud and come out on either sides of their forces. But our battleships were HELL BENT on destroying their targets.

It's a fantastic mod with cool new gametypes, ships, and maps, but the independance in the ally AI could do with a little tuning.

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