I am a writer trying to get into the gaming business. I would like to write as well as give creative direction for a game or mod. I used to play those old Classics MUDs and even admin for one doing building, making mobs and areas for a while. I have been breaking into 3d modelling and animation working with a couple programs over the past couple of months. I did sculpture for several years in highschool working with shapes and geometry so modelling came very easily using a simple program called Anim8or. After of which I took it a step further and applied myself to learning maya more and that is the stage I am currently at. I have also written and published two titles "where the angels lost their way" and 'the gift of sin." I'm going to practice and post up my models or 3d graphics images from time to time please let me know if you would like to download any models or basis models for images.

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ahh it's a new day coming forth with new challenges in modelling. I have to get a cell phone cause well people look at me like i'm crazy when I tell them I don't have one. things get busy at the 9-5 fixing 2 computers while operating 3 computers with 4 phones, and that's without thinking of what to model next and reading a tutorial on a new mapping tool that was introduced to me. yea run on sentence i don't care. excited to work on the projects I have in front of me. going to hopefully get the new info for the studio name soon enough as well as another artist or two. one of the new titles will be annouced as well as (hopefully) some links to projects otherwise being taken care of. We are coming for your everything and DIEE. D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DIIIEE.

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