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Multimedia Fusion

Engine review

It's a really good engine! You can develop a simple (I mean, really simple) in a minute! The exporter are native so no slow performance or big final size. (I'm looking at you Construct...) Although the UI are not that good (It is so bad, really) and also the event editor, but when you're done and want to export, you just can do that without thinking about performance optimization and all that because it's really fast!



Game review

Construct 2

Engine review

The editor is the best editor in the world for now! It really is the best! Easy to use, sometimes, it even fun! (Not always though) But, the main thing is, the export is really, really, really bad. It's the worse. It's not native so that's why it's so bad. The engine is actually for HTML 5. HTML 5 engine... such a bad step to take.

If you want to create a game that runs on PC, Mac and Linux, you can! But the size is super huge because of the "nw.js" If you export blank game alone, it will make the game 100 MB. Yeah, sure, PC's storage is much more than smartphone's but sometimes, you do want to make the game small.

Android export is bad too. You must use Phonegap or Cocoon to compile it. The performance is not consistent at all. Sometimes you get 40FPS sometimes 60FPS but I do get 15-30 FPS quite often. Well, it's based on my Samsung J3, which is a decent phone.

HTML 5 export is great though! It's actually for HTML so no wonder it's working so fine on HTML.

I'd say if your target is HTML 5, Kongregate and mainly on the web, this engine is really, really great! But, if your target is mobile or maybe even PC, you'd better off using something else.

Now, they do have a 'sequel' to this engine, it's called Construct 3. Which is 95% similar to this engine. For now, use this engine. In Construct 3, you must pay monthly, must be working on their website(They do have a desktop build but it's on beta.) and very similar. They're building the new runtime for the Construct 3 but for now, just use this engine instead.

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