i am into filmmaking,vfx and video game making. Currently working on - Iron Man : Project Freeroam.

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i am making this game out of my own interest,we the gamers never got a proper iron man game that involves freeroaming as the famous marvel hero,there are good mods for gta iv and so on,but i wanted game just about iron man and freeroaming,so i am making my own.

i am getting all the shaders and material to work in unity3d,unity is a pain in the ass when it comes to creating complex materials,but i think i am up to the challange.

after all the suits are finished or atleast decent looking i am going to rewrite and improve the animations and controlls.

this game will include hammerhead and gemini(mark 39) so i will need to integrate underwater/sea exploration and space exploration.

my main inspiration for the freeroam part is gta series and mafia series.

problem at this stage is that i need animators,i can make animations,but they never look as good as trained animator can do,i am using unitys mecanim animation system,this lets me retarget any animation to any humanoid character(in this case the suits/enemies and civilians).

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