I am a gamer. I guess most people say that cues its kind of obvious... My dream is to become a developer but I am being held back by family and school. So untill summer of 2014 i will not be able to make games. I will get my first computer that summer but for now I am just a gamer gal :3 Sorry if my english spelling is not that good sometimes but I am dyslektik and my native language is swedish but I do speak english at home with my family every day xD since my step father is an american. (and he hates games and gamers!) well I have survived so far! If you look in to my blogs you can see some of my ideas to my game i want to make! I have many but it will slowely build up to something very complicated so i will probebly take alot away later. If you want to give any advice just give me a message of what you think so I can evolve my ideas from zero to hero!

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I like different races in gaming so in my game i think i wan races like kajits and argonian. i think most of gamers now what kajit and argonians are. They come from the elder scrools series. Mabye some kind of dog and a rabit race would be awesome too. Elfs, undead, orcs, and humans will exist too. Classes will be dificoult to make balanced so i think i going to go with a perk tree like in the elder scrools but i want to have more variety so a huge perk tree with things like smithing, mining, two handed, one handed, block, bow and arrow, potions, cooking, pets xD, speach (since i want to have multiple choises. whith better speach you will gain more options!), sneaking, destruktion magic, healing magic, warlock/necromans/dark magic(in this perk tree you will gain really posetive effekts and magic that has a lot of damege but it will effekt you negetively and need sacrafices to work or it will harm you really badly :D) and the thing i like with dark souls is that almoust every thing can kill you if you are not carefull enough. So something similar will be added
So it will probebly be some kind of cross over from elder scrools/dark souls and fable xD i havent played fable on a pc but on the xbox i really liked the weapon mekaniks. If i make the game friendly with both keyboard and e controler i think i will have a similar weapon mekaniks in the controller and a different in the key board. So the game will have a different feel to it.
So this is some things i want in my game and as soon I feel like adding more like drawing and stuff i will add it later when i have gained my school computer so i can uppload them! Im no artist but i will try to show my ideas with drawings as much as i can.

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