I am a gamer. I guess most people say that cues its kind of obvious... My dream is to become a developer but I am being held back by family and school. So untill summer of 2014 i will not be able to make games. I will get my first computer that summer but for now I am just a gamer gal :3 Sorry if my english spelling is not that good sometimes but I am dyslektik and my native language is swedish but I do speak english at home with my family every day xD since my step father is an american. (and he hates games and gamers!) well I have survived so far! If you look in to my blogs you can see some of my ideas to my game i want to make! I have many but it will slowely build up to something very complicated so i will probebly take alot away later. If you want to give any advice just give me a message of what you think so I can evolve my ideas from zero to hero!

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Okej so that idea did not end so well... So i think i will start with somthing easier. Just a normal hero fantasy game. I love rpg so i will my idea is not so original but for the future i think ill have to make side quest and a story line. I like the idea of starting as a child and grow up along the game. You know like in fable or something alike. But i think thatpart was to ahort so in my game i think i will have that as a tutorial and as a story line begining and as you progress you become older untill the very end where you die of age or murder or something along those lines

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