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For the past few days, I've been working on the landscape for Helm's Deep. I just came across a few bugs in landscape in relation to the foliage editor and I started hitting up the forums for some possible solutions. And I found this youtube tutorial playlist among one of the posts. It doesn't contain anything related to the issues with my landscape, but nevertheless contains a detailed description on how to set up your landscape and corresponding materials in UDK. So after watching through most of the videos in the playlist, I just decided to make a post on a collection of good UDK landscape tutorials over here. Also I will add some details regarding the material that's covered in those tutorials. This will make it easier to find the tutorials that you're actually looking for. Any other good tutorial I come across in the future will be added here. But first, here's a video that demonstrates the awesome powers of UDK's landscape. :D

So without further delay, I'll post the first link:

1) UDK Learning Landscapes Part 2 >>
- This is basically a playlist of 25 videos, made by the youtube user 'Unreal Learning University'. He starts off with a few videos on how to import height maps and weight maps into UDK from TerreSculptor. Details regarding how to set up non-repeating textures for the different landscape layers are explained as well. The playlist mainly deals with detailed tutorials on how to set up a complex material (yet, easy to understand for anyone with a basic knowledge of UDK's material editor) for texturing the landscape. [Note: This is not a tutorial series for teaching how to paint the height map and texture layers inside UDK. All those details are taken care of with the TerreSculptor import itself.]

2) UDK Landscape texture painting and Materials

- It's from the same user 'Unreal learning University'. The first half of this tutorial teaches the basics of how to set up a height map within the material itself. This way, we can quickly paint materials onto a landscape using World Normals. The second half of this tutorial deals with the topic of hand painting materials onto the landscape.
[Note: This tutorial does not cover the parts related to setting up the layers in Landscape edit mode. So you might want to check on that before hitting up the landscape painting]

So that's about it for now. I'll update the blog post, when I come across new good tutorials about UDK's Landscape.

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