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RSS POWER STRIFE version 0.75alpha is now available

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In the distant future deep into space humanity discovered a new state of matter, contained by a mysterious stasis field, that could be used to create any kind of matter and energy. Some believed this state of matter is what existed in the early stages of the universe and named it the archegon phase.
By creating exotic matter,anti-matter and force carrier particles directly from the archegon they could potentially use it to manipulate spacetime and create massive amounts of energy.

However the process of creating different kinds of energy and matter from the archegon was not efficient due to limitations of their technology which made the extraction of the archegon from the stasis field extremely difficult.
A new discovery was about to change this...

POWER STRIFE is a real time strategy game I created with Epic games' Unreal Development Kit.
The purpose of the game is to gather resources, construct a base, create more units and research upgrades to engage your enemies in combat and destroy them or complete various mission objectives to emerge victorious.

Version 0.75alpha is now available


> Team AI can manage its own base
> Different damage types and effects (units can be set on fire and take damage over time)
> New unit attributes such as:
-Accuracy(higher accuracy better chance to do extra or critical damage)
-Action Points (required to activate special unit abilities)
-Different types of protection from various damage types
> various bug fixes, improved AI / path-finding (still needs improvements)
( I'm going to change the way team AI works completely to be able to make real decisions )
> 4 Campaign missions
> 2 Skirmish maps (can only play as Terran, more races will be available in future versions)
> 2 additional unit types (Terran sniper, Mordrax flamethrower)

Things that will be available in the complete game

> improved graphics
> at least 8 races and campaigns for most of them (perhaps all of them)
> more damage types and effects
> more units / structures techs to research
> multiplayer support
> save system
> areas that provide cover
> more skirmish maps
> archegon powers

and more

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