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Killing Floor

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A good game for what it is, but it is completely outshined by other co-op games like Left 4 Dead.

It's a bit grimmer than L4D though, the graphics, while not as good, are better because of this. They look creepy and make me not want to play.

I started to play this game on my own, big mistake, I ended up quitting almost instantly, that's horror done right I suppose...


Fallout 3

Game review - 1 disagree

So difficult that only the word "Unfair" comes to mind when playing this. The graphics were amazing for their time and still hold fairly well, this game is perhaps one of the hardest, second only to Super Meat Boy.

There are loads of problems with it in terms of bugs, I got smacked by a super mutiant and become one with the geometry but that aside an enjoyable experiences. It's biggest problem is it's fanbase.

It's too far up its own arse, well the community is anyway.
It's not the worst game I've played but this doesn't crack my top 10.


Fallout: New Vegas

Game review

Not as hard as Fallout 3.
The difficulty doesn't truly reflect how the end of the world would really feel like.
Disappointing but still pretty good.

I would recommend Fallout 3 over this for difficulty but this game surpasses Fallout 3 in terms of general high quality of the world.

Fallout 3 was too dark and TOO difficult, they went too far on making this easy though.


Team Fortress 2

Game review - 1 agree

Reviewing this game a year ago and it'd have a 10, no doubt.
The game today is a mess, the game is horribly unbalanced and looks like arse.
Valve need to spend more time optimising instead of wasting precious polygons on stupid gimmicks.
Despite it running like crap on a core i7 PC it is still fairly hard to put down.

If they stop patching this game, I doubt I'd ever play it again.


Dungeon Defenders

Game review

A great game if you're playing with friends.
Playing online is a bit risky as you don't know if the people you'll play with are nice or arseholes.

Local co-op this game is flawless.
Me and my buddies played 4 player local co-op with 4 xbox 360 controllers and blitzed the night.
We played until 8AM the next morning and levelled a lot.

If you have friends, buy this.



Game review

The best game I have every played.
A game that contains challenge based on what song you play.
It is truly flawless in terms of style and pacing.
A difficulty and a mode for everyone!

The only reason you won't like this is if you are playing on a laptop forced to use a track pad or arrow keys to move instead of a mouse or you have no taste in music or don't have an extensive library.

A must buy for anyone. Try the demo for free, it is worth your time.


Super Meat Boy

Game review

Finger tightening.
Teeth clenching.
True platforming annoyance.

I've never finished this and I doubt I will.
It's on, this **** will not beat me.
Truly infuriating yet hard to put down.
You'll be right at home playing this if you had a childhood filled with rage after falling off the edge for the 90th time that sitting.

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