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Kosovo Special Forces ROSU are on standby level, ready for ethnic cleansing if Serbia doesn't sign the agreement with "Kosovo"- breaking news in Serbia.

Last dialogue with "Kosovo" leaders went bad, because they don't want to give anything to Serbs. By anything I mean a control of the Northern Kosovo. So, Hashim Tachi wants everything for himself. Of course, he wants his state in total, not parts or something.

Anyway, one more time, Catherine Ashton and European Union (Germany, actually) showed us once more that they don't want to give Serbia a membership, and that they are supporting every opposition to this country- they are actually not neutral how they keep saying.

Catherine Ashton told Serbia that they have to sign the agreement, where says that Serbs must actually recognize Kosovo as state, support it on it's way in EU and UN, and just like that, withdraw it's communities from Northern part of Kosovo. Deadline: Tuesday in 16:00.

Hashim Tachi, premier of "Kosovo", said that if Serbia doesn't sign the agreement, Kosovo Security Forces will intervene in the Northern part of Kosovo. Translating it from the diplomatic language, it means: exodus, ethnic cleansing, with one word: war!