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С Днем Победы! (view original)

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Today, this is one of the glorious days to celebrate in our history. No, not the day of European Union and Schuman Declaration (that day is celebrated by the ones who *hrm*hrm* lost the war *hrm*hrm*), but the Victory over Nazism/Fascism!

Mighty Red Army finished one of the bloodiest conflict in history of Europe (and the world too). Like Mr. Putin said: "every Russian soldier sacrificed it's life to liberate the Europe of Nazism".

Today, I want to express my gratitude to every single Russian soldier and citizen for liberating us all, because today, under the Nazi boot, this world would look completely different (because I'm Slav, by Hitler's philosophy, I would work somewhere deep in mines, funding the Fuhrer's "glorious" army).

So, let's thank and pray for every single Russian soul who was lost in war, as well as for all good men who fought and/or died in WW2.

Video- Foreigners in Vladivostok, commenting the parade and Russia: Youtube.com!