I'm Omni, I co created the Spiritworks Gamers group with some friends, we'll write our tutorials and when applicable, news updates here on the moddb website so you can follow our movements. Please enjoy everything and have a great gaming experience!!

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Abe's Oddesay

Spiritworks_Gamers Blog

I found this vintage game amongst my collection, it still works and look kind good, Oddworld Abe's Oddesay

This game is all about thinking your rear end into your head, if you don't think ahead, well it's pretty obivous that you will die in one of the spectacularly funny ways, 12-15 to be exact.

Mind control your way to victory and solve the puzzles, and rescue some "HELPLESS" workers along the way, save oddworld with Abe's Oddesay!

I enjoyed it so why can't you, the game might be old even ancient but yet, it's still as funny as hell and fun to play!


If you could make an RPG what would you put in it?

Spiritworks_Gamers Blog

Well just as the subject states, If you could make an RPG what would you put in it?
& what will the story line be ;-)

Would it be of having to save a Person, Planet or Creature?
Would it be a romance RPG?
Would it be about just being there for the fun of it?

I've been asking myself that question for queite some time but still I haven't reached an awnser yet...
I hope all of you can find one!:-) I would very much like to hear it (read it)

If anyone has any info or ideas for an RPG just post it here please!

Extra's with entire mods are not that great...(No offence)

Spiritworks_Gamers Blog

I don't have have anything against mods modding and addons for games, but you really don't need to put the entire mod back down with the extra's, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
I personally think that you only have to add the extra's without the entire mod again, if people want the full mod make sure you have a link to where you can find it on this site or any other site so that they can download it without the extra's. If they want the extra's thet can download it at a later time.

Where would you actually find the time to download or upload a mod that is so big... not to mention the cost of it.
If you do have the time to download or upload a file that is really big... think of the other people who don't really have that time.
That is all:-D

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