Greetings, I am a Call of Duty 4 Custom Campaign Developer. I recently released my "Rooftops" Campaign which is a brand new Custom Campaign for Call of Duty 4. I like ww2 era in video games but currently I work on modern one in COD4. I would love to do more ww2 if time allows me to do so.

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Call of Duty 4:"Rooftops" Mappack (Singleplayer)

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Call of Duty 4:"Rooftops" Singleplayer Mappack is a Campaign Mappack I am working on.
There are 4 Maps in the mappack that will provide the player a great singleplayer experience.

The maps state is written below.

"A Day at the Office" ------------------------------------------ 100%
"Unexpected Guests" ----------------------------------------- 100%
"Rooftops" -------------------------------------------------------- 100%
"Deus ex Machina" --------------------------------------------- 100%
More exclusive information about each map:

Map 1:"A Day at the Office" (Intro) Player: SPi
Location: Western Greek Shore.
Date: October 13, 2011

The Player will start in the SAS Task Force 99 Headquarters. He will be introduced from Pan.
Pan will take the player through a short shooting range to test the NEW MODIFIED M9 Beretta.
After the Shooting test Pan and the Player(SPi) will go to meet Loz in the office room. He will make a short brief of the mission that they have to accomplish. That would be saving Paul, a SAS spy, from Sicily.
After the Brief The Player (SPi), Pan, Loz, Alex and the two support commandos AV and SV will board on the Chopper of the Task Force 99 and set course for Sicily.

Map 2:"Unexpected Guests" (Prologue)Player: SPi
Location: South East Sicily, Italy.
Date: October 13, 2011

With the chopper landed nearby the team has successfully deployed in Sicily.
The Task Force will split up in two teams. Loz, AV and SV will consist the Backup team.
The Player(SPi), Alex and Pan the Strike team which will handle the rescue of Paul who is supposed to be in a nearby village. [...] The Backup team is not responding to the SOS message and the Strike team is now captured from Soviets and will be transported in the main base.

Map 3:"Rooftops" (Main Map Part 1)Player: SPi
Location: Sicily, Italy.
Date: October 13, 2011

The Player(SPi) will manage to kill his guard and escape his prison room.
He will find and rescue both Pan and Alex and they all will have to find a way out of there taking out enemy patrolling teams on their way. [...] They will find Loz on their way who has reached the City and now they all together have to escape the Fortified Enemy City. Loz has sent SV and AV on the rooftops to provide support. [...]

Map 4:"Deus ex Machina" (Main Map Part 2)Player: Pan [...]
Location: Sicily, Italy.
Date: October 14, 2011

Our abandoned team has desided that now is the time to exit the sewers and find a way out.
The Chopper is now in contact distance and they've decided that the Landing Zone will be the City Halls Rooftop. By exiting the sewers they realised that they were just a few meters away from the City square where seems to be the enemy station and supply storage area and its also the area that most hostile troops gather every day to organize their patrols. [...]




2nd Demo trailer

2nd Demo Gameplay

3rd Demo trailer


3rd Demo Launch & Trailer RELEASE

Rooftops v1.0 Trailer

Story Trailer

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