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Well, I was definitely pleasantly surprised with this one...

-Story: A tad cliche, but well structured and had a good sense of pace and direction. Especially with horror, it's easy to either be plain as vanilla, or get carried away and throw in too much crap where it's not needed. You kept your story straightfoward but kept enough side-stories and defining notes and areas to give a sense of exploration. There were a bit many notes when you get to the library, but I suppose that's unavoidable. I'd recommend some audio flashbacks or something to get some of the exposition out of the way. But where you used audio, you used it well. 8/10.

-Gameplay/Puzzles: Well structured and thought out. Nothing particularly memorable, but they never felt tedious or anything. There were a couple of situations where I found dying to be a lot easier than getting myself out of the room otherwise, but that was in the original too. A couple of glitchy moments, but only 1 that crashed the game. 8/10.

-Atmosphere/Scares: This is really where your mod shines! Originally I was thinking the house was going to be small and plain, but with the insanity moments and simple lighting/set piece tweaks it really stood out. The library was also done equally well, with the hallway picture moment and the staircase scene being awesome and scary. This is one of the most important things to any horror game and you nailed it. 9/10,

-Overall: Got nothing bad to say. Fantastic job. The game started a little slow, but quickly picked up pace and drew me in with the atmosphere changes and unfolding plot. Never a dull moment really. I ran into 2 glitches (the 2nd which crashed the game and put me back about 20 minutes), but they've already been mentioned by others, and really the fact that I played back to where I was right away is just another testament to how good it all was. Looking forward to your future work, and thanks for the great CS! 9/10.

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