Sonic Connections was made by Sonic fans for Sonic fans. Here at SC we create fan games from scratch using many tools like Blender Game Engine, Multimedia Fusion 2,YoYo Games' Game Maker, etc. Our current big project is a fan game that goes by "Sonic Mobian Rush" Utilizing the full capabilities and features of Blender's Game Engine, the game will feature beautifully rendered environment custom character models, and massive online multi-player support. If you would like to join, just send us a message containing a email, name, and short bio on what your good at and what you would like to contribute to Sonic Connections.

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Hey everyone, Evean Land here. And im gonna give you guys a little update as to whats going on with Sonic Connections and our main project Sonic Mobian Rush.

Well as you may know there have not been any updates due to my laptop screen cracking. So for the past month no physical work has been done on SMR. The stories have been worked on and some are 100% finished. Sonic Tails and Amy are three examples for finished stories. Now i know i stated earlyer in the year that a small demo would be out before Christmas, but the past month has put the project behind my projected time table. Im not saying that a demo will be completly put off till next year but im not saying that one will be out before Christmas either. As for now the date for the demo will remain the same untill a week before Christmas. If i dont have one out by then, then you guys know why. I will keep you posted on the matter.

As for Sonic Connctions, Nothing has changed and i would like to see more members. I know we dont really have much to go for but thats why i want to see other fans join. SMR has the few members we do have and myslf busy. But i do have some ideas that will bring in some fans. Maybe a video update every week? Have an idea? let me know.

Now for me the summer was fun aside from not working on SMR. Im also starting my seinor year in a few weeks so Progress will be done at a slower rate than before, but i will not shut down the project at all. I did order my laptop replacement screen yesterday so ill be back with new updates in a few weeks.

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