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Chinese companies go out to sea marketing guide

smithjohn Blog

For domestic games out to sea, the relevant experience and advice has actually appeared a lot, but usually for the game production, such as the subject matter and type of advice, but in addition, in the market, Chinese companies will also have some often need to face the problem, these problems if not dealt with in a timely manner, Then when the game on the shelf will have a very big impact on the game. As a result, James Kaye, director of Big Games Machine, a well-known game publisher, offers five valuable suggestions for Chinese game makers in overseas marketing. 1.Recognize the difference between Chinese and Western media

On this point, a big misconception among Chinese manufacturers is that they will treat the American media and the European media separately and will be on the shelf time, public relations activities and so on to facilitate the treatment of the two regions. In fact, this is very unwise, first, Apple and Google Play are more inclined to global unity on the shelf, and second, keeping the two sides in sync can form a greater mutual promotion. Several of the world's most popular hand-travel sites currently have a large European readership, but their headquarters are usually based in the United States, which means that if only one of the markets is promoted or put on the shelves, the results received are very limited. For example, a reader in the UK has read about a promotion on a US website, but when he tries to download it and finds that it's not on the shelf, a potential user may lose out. Perhaps the biggest difference between China and the Western media is the influence of public relations firms. In the West, the media are usually very positioned, so the widespread use of relations in China, gifts, gun writing, and other methods may not be so good in the West, so Western public relations companies usually try to reach the media as targeted as possible, and in this way to try to reach all the target groups. However, sometimes, there will also be media feel that this game is really worthless place, therefore, the Western PUBLIC relations companies will have a choice, too homogenous, lack of bright spots of the game, they will not take over.

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2. Understanding the role of press releases

The role of press releases in China and in the West is not the same. In China, press releases are a very important and effective way to communicate with the media, so they can be a basis for a public relations strategy. At one point, James's company was asked to issue 3-4 press releases for a game, or to link the number of links to game news to the effectiveness of the campaign, but in the West, press releases do not serve the same purpose. The media would find the press releases too homogeneous because they have been published by other media and are reluctant to publish them.

This means that press releases, while useful, are just one way for PR firms to exchange information with journalists. It's usually just to remind media organizations that we have a new game, not to inform the media to release the full text. 、

3. Plan ahead

As a public relations firm, James often feels that the timing of the offerings put forward by Chinese developers is too tight compared to that of foreign developers and that it usually takes longer to get the best results when it comes to distribution. Before the game is released, PR companies often need to work with developers for weeks to optimize results. Ideally, the game should be played 6-8 weeks before the cooperation.

4. Ensure good translation and localization of the game

A very important factor in the success of the game is the good translation. Good localization is important because it is a very intuitive expression of the sincerity of the game developer and respect for the player if the translation is not good, the player may quickly delete it. English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish are the most basic and essential languages, and Apple and Google have requirements for language translation, which, if not done, will not be recommended by Apple or Google. Similarly, if the translation is not good, the reviews and ratings will be greatly affected, which means that even if the game itself is very good, it is possible that the translation can lead to low or poor ratings.

5. Get a recommendation from Apple or Google

Not all Chinese developers understand how important it is to get a recommendation from Apple or Google. If you don't get a referral, it usually means that either the quality of the games translation services itself is not high enough, or the UI design is unreasonable, or it is too Chinese, not suitable for the tastes of Western players, or the localization is too poor. You can contact for more information here:

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