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Top 50 skill in BF3

SlayerX3 Blog

Well that is it, I finally finished the challenge.

The forum reactions...weren't very good.

Still doing it was as (almost) rewarding as I expected.

I wish I had more to say but given the reactions I gave up the idea of making video montages of the best tips and the "how to" to get the best scoring.

But it is totally possible to do it.

BF3 Skill: World top 50

New Laptop and original games

SlayerX3 Blog 3 comments

During my short time in USA I've been working my ass off with one simple goal in mind: to purchase an ASUS G74sx to replace my good old Acer laptop.


Today I've achieved that goal, and along the laptop I also purchased an original copy of Battlefield 3 and I'm also planning to add more games to my original collection such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Dawn of War II and its expansions and perhaps L4D 1 and 2 when Steam makes a nice discount (maybe on Halloween).

As much as I'd like to build my own Desktop, due to issues I'd have with the customs and other transportation problems I opted for the second best thing: a laptop with desktop power.

And why the ASUS G74sx ? Well since Dell moved they Gaming laptops to the uber overpriced Alien Wares, Acer, Lenovo and HP(lol overheat) not offering a high end laptops and Apple being overpriced and gay as usual, left me with the last perfect choice since ASUS offers laptops that are both cost effective and durable along their worldwide 1 year warranty they were the obvious choice for me.

For last but not least since I'm finally getting a computer that's able to keep up with the latest games and also original games, I'd like to ask visitors and friends to post their game nametags or contact info for us to play matches online.

ASUS G74sx


Dead at last

SlayerX3 Blog



Steve Jobs is DEAD !

I could post some bullshit about how he was a dick and about how much he stole from other companies and co-workers, abused his employees, condoned DRM, created an entire generation of degenerated consumer culture technologically impaired self-absorbed hipsters, turned a blind eye towards FOXCONN's abusive sweatshops and suicide rate, overcharged the products his company sold, blamed design and hardware flaws on the user, uttermost pushed for a Post PC era bullshit, used copy right and patent trolls to drive out competitors out of the market and pushed Samsung away from the tablet market in Europe with patent infringement lawsuits.

But instead I'll just put a huge grin on my face and DON'T GIVE A SINGLE FUCK THIS DAY !

Other good news is that the number of Macfags and hipsters attempting suicide might increase.

Macfags follow your leader: Kill yourselves !

Team Fortress 2 FREE ON STEAM

SlayerX3 Blog 3 comments

Aside some really specific titles, most of my games I have are pirated mostly for the sake of convenience(a few others were just because I really wouldn't want to pay for something I'd eventually hate).

But others aren't convenient enough to be pirated without completely spoiling it.
This is the case where the main attraction is the multiplayer experience.
For example I bought Quake Wars a few years ago just to find out how much my current laptop would suck at running it, and it didn't help that my internet provider has a laggy piece of shit service.

Even though, I'm definitely pleased to know Team Fortress 2 is available for FREE on Steam.
Like I was able to purchase Portal 1 the same way last year, even though I've been wanting to play it since its release, this year the game of the time is Team Fortress 2, much for my delight meeting two basic criteria I hardly could place together "it is free" and "getting it for free doesn't have any drawbacks".

Now I'm downloading it and sucking up all the internet link of my house (much for the dislike of my housemates - shared internet) I expect it to be finished tomorrow by the morning or early evening (again shitty internet).

My face when I read the news.

Happy heavy

I'm just starting on 3D modeling

SlayerX3 Blog

Well, if you want to know I'm learning basic 3D model creation for my Augmented Reality class.

The whole idea is to create interactive models but before I can do that I must learn how to make basic models first.

So far I'm just gasping the basic concepts along with the class material but I'm finding the whole class and subject very interesting, but not problem free and I am looking for advice, tutorials and other helpful content(Books, PDFs, programs and the like).

So far I've got the Cortona visualizer, the Vivaty that I'm already familiarized with and the HUGE Autodesk 3ds Max (Thank you Demonoid !).

So if you just happen to stop by and read this drop an advice or link if you think it will help, I will appreciate.

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