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Same as always

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My Summer 101 mod is making progress no matter what is happening. School is hitting me hard, and exams and assignments are taking over my time with modding. However with my clever time management, modding is still a priority underneath school work and film making.

I am pretty proud of how the mod is so far as it is my first, rushed at first but decent mod :)

Take Care

Great start

SimonDenton Blog

After only 3 months, my mod is going good! The school interior is pretty much done and new design mechanics were discussed. Most of the mechanics were never done in a Deus Ex mod before! As time is going on, the conversations and exterior level is being developed. After both we are moving on to programming and modeling.

Modeling however, along with animating is goingto be the hardest task aswe have no modelers who can animate. hopefully by the time we move onto relying on modelers one good one might come by. This mod looks like it is ambitious but I can assure you it will not die.

What ever it takes, it will be released, there will even be an open demo! However a little bit more time will be spent on it. The single player part of the mod is going to be in chapters, if there are more chapters wished to be added after release, we will patch those up. Also there is discussion about having a leveling system to increase playability and motivation.

In multiplayer there is still discussion about it. considering voice acting it is looking like a big obstacle. /hopefully there are enough voice actors around the world to kindly help out.

Thanks to everyone helping in the modand thank YOU for viewing the mod's content. As soon as we have made better progress videos will be released!

Until the next post take it easy.


Getting there

SimonDenton Blog 1 comment

Hi I am making a new Deus Ex mod, though I have not put it on moddb yet since there is not good enough proof of it's progress. By the time alpha testing is involed I will put my mod up on here. Anyway it is a Deus Ex Conversion Mod that it out of the Deus Ex universe. For more info, if you want to help or just check out how the mod is visit www.summer101.ucoz.com

Take care

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