Hey I'm Silverfang, I like to play games quite a bit on the computer and my xbox, I listen to many kinds of music including (but not limited to) metal, dubstep, and djent (is that metal?). Feel free to add me on XFire, AIm, MSN, Steam, or XBL.

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Gunslinger's Academy

silverfang22 Blog

Oh man, I'm shaking with excitement right now, I just released a bunch of pictures of all the updated guns on ModDB (Massive Media Update). The best part is that once these guns are complete, they'll look so much more professional! No more floating guns! Reloading animations! And so much more that I can barely keep my mouth shut about, so look out for Gunslinger's Academy!

I've come a long way

silverfang22 Blog

Over the past few days of developing more and more models for Jedi Knight Galaxies and Halo: Remorse, I've realised how far I've really come in my modeling (and other) skills. Back in August '10 when I joined the JKG development team, I was looking around the development forum section (devs only!) and I started to model weapons for JKG (I joined as a writer, not a modeler). Since then I've learned a lot about getting implementing weapons, smoothing models (properly!), UV mapping and so much more. I'm really eager to start sharing my new found knowledge by writing tutorials that will hopefully bring information that I would've wanted to beginning modelers who are looking for information that isn't really available anywhere.

Indie Developer :D

silverfang22 Blog

So a few weeks ago I joined an indie development company called Still Alive Team, we are working on a UDK game called Sensitivity, expect to see my best work ever there soon :) On a different note my band (genre: progressive deathcore) is expecting to play a show in less than 3 weeks :O can't wait though :)Check out Sensitivity here

JKG Dev!

silverfang22 Blog

I was accepted to Jedi Knight Galaxies as a writer a couple weeks ago and so far the mod looks awesome, I can't wait to get cracking on working on it more, in other news gunslinger's academy is doing swell, although the latest release is slightly broken in a few places (WTF BOOOOOOMMM!!!!!) but I got quite a bit of work done on it, I modelled the glock as well as UV'd it and I'm currently in the process of UVing the M14. remember to follow the mod at Moddb.com speaking of following mods you should check out the halo 3 mod at Moddb.com


silverfang22 Blog

I work on several mods for jedi academy, to name a few: Arbmodding, Gunslinger's Academy, H3TC (halo mod for Jedi academy), a mod I made (mostly as a test) was Silvmod. I also follow (and may be applying for a job) Jedi Knight Galaxies, the future of Jedi Academy!

My skills: I can map (making levels), model (weapons mostly), and do some very basic skinning, texturing, and coding. I'll be posting some images of my work soon :)

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