Experimenting with editors for some years now. (mostly building maps for multiplayer). Well to be honest my first editor was "sim city" (I know its a game). Advancing I released a campaign and multiplayer levels for "sudden strike RW" (I'm afraid these resources are lost). Next map I released was for warcraft 3 (if you are interested I'll look it up and upload it here). Finally I created my first mod, simply because I made multiplayer-maps for BK2 and found out that the reinforcements are controlled by the game. So I started my first mod.

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Battle for Wesnoth

Game review

Turn based Strategy, Fantsy World, various Campaigns, MP (server/LAN/hotseat), easy to handle (idiot proof addon manager / good itroduction)

Nice 2D grafics (sorry no 3D GFX)
but grafics make no good game, and this is the best example for it.

First beeing very sceptic about this game, it turned out to be one of the best I ever played, and best of all it is free.

Too due too the fact that it is open source, there are several add ons and sure more to come.

A bit anoying is the dice roll at fights (luck is a bitch), its part of the game, but there is a mod to change that.

I have not checked out the add ons yet its just far too much.


Retaliation - Path of War

Game review - 1 agree

simple but good game
the rules are well formulated, but still a lot of tactical sense and above all luck is nessesary to acomplish some missions...
the luck thing realy ****** off sometimes, but its part of the game!
and sometimes luck is on your side


Third Age - Total War

Mod review

Wow this mod is better than I thought, it evan seems the AI was made smarter.
The atmosfear is just great, especially the videos if comeing near an "sightseeing spot" tell you interesting facts of middle earth.


Far Cry

Game review


Engine review

Stronghold 2

Game review

Emperor: Battle for Dune

Game review

Blitzkrieg 2

Game review
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