Hi I'm Sean, You may know me as the humble scribe WulfKang and well you have arrived in my domain so here's a brief summary of who I am and the things I do, Enjoy. I'm a writer as a hobby and that may become a trade who knows? Broke Game Dev/Server Developer/Community Manager on several occasions and Part-time admin for various servers in various games, Musician and lastly a sketch artist.

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Alas, it has been a few months since I've updated my little profile on here. But, alot has happened in the span of these few months. Tis a new year and that means new horizons both for gaming interests and my life.

I have been working with Dark Anvil Studios for quite awhile now and I have enjoyed my involvement in the very ambitious modifications that had been sprung up from last year. Two mods to be specific "The Third Age of Middle Earth" (A Lord of the rings Overhaul for M&B Warband) and "The Winds of Winter" ( A Game of Thrones Overhaul for the upcoming game M&B Bannerlord) It has been a very long ride, I've gotten to know the two leading developers quite well and we share the same interests and plans for the future thus far. I've also been lowkey pursuing music on the side and have been focusing a bit more on my education. Gaming will always be a passion of mine but I've realized you just can't devote as much time as you want to it which sucks lol.

As for my own endeavors, mainly speaking of my own collective "The Humbled Scribes" (A game/mod review group) it has stagnated quite hard. I lost the drive to keep pursuing reviewing and aiding developers and other indie titles out of nowhere. Real life events had thrown themselves in the way and I lost the consistency that I had. I do really want to continue my little group and provide attention to projects that I feel deserve it and I do really want to provide constructive feedback and other suggestions to help upcoming developers with their expeditions into various games. I've been on moddb for a long while now, I've seen all manners of content from various games and all manners of the public eye being thrown at them. Many trials and tribulations have unfolded during this time and I remedied these quite frequently.

But, enough of about me. It is I, your humble scribe, WulfKang.


It's really good to hear fom you wulfkangs, hope everything goes well for you :D

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