Hi I'm Sean, You may know me as the humble scribe WulfKang and well you have arrived in my domain so here's a brief summary of who I am and the things I do, Enjoy. I'm a writer as a hobby and that may become a trade who knows? Broke Game Dev/Server Developer/Community Manager on several occasions and Part-time admin for various servers in various games, Musician and lastly a sketch artist.

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As of recent months i have looked into tutorials and many guides on how to mod warband efficiently.I Am still but a novice and i am trying to learn the various methods of it.Im not a good modeler at all,Matter of fact it is quite horrific.I Have been writing various books that i hopefully can get published or publish and i look forward to writing things for people like a Service-Author or something.Most of the mods that i might bring up to the community might just be the Common Native enhancement or "Native Expansion" but i'll add some unique things alongside that.I Also have been making maps for the (MOWAS) Community "Men of war assault squad" for a looooong time now.You probably have come to my page based off of my involvement in the moddb warband community,With all the comments and critic and sometimes although rarely i insert myself into the drama some members instigate or have been conflicting over for various reasons,And i thank you for noticing me as i notice many of you out there in the community and i value most of your opinions to the various mods and your various suggestions to the developers that i sometimes agree with entirely and thats awesome.But in any case this is just me rambling about what i'm doing and what i plan to do with the community and what i hope to accomplish and or help people accomplish.And as always

Good Luck In the Future.

_WulfKang_ Author

With the potential mods in mind and or Author position.Just pm me folks.I'll glady help you in any shape or form on what you need done or want to accomplish here in the Warband community and the MOWAS Community.
(Those two communities are which i am most involved in.Besides DOW)

Good Luck in the Future.

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