Hi I'm Sean, You may know me as the humble scribe WulfKang and well you have arrived in my domain so here's a brief summary of who I am and the things I do, Enjoy. I'm a writer as a hobby and that may become a trade who knows? Broke Game Dev/Server Developer/Community Manager on several occasions and Part-time admin for various servers in various games, Musician and lastly a sketch artist.

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Our Latest Project a module for half-life 2 it will take a year soo....BUT a beta will be released hopefully since we have a short staff right now and .....no support....or sponsors BUT we will go through it! NOW this mod is a prison escape mod with zombies there is lore and a story-line but most of that won't be released for a bit maybe a weeks tops or a month to get all the lore out....we don't know if it will work for some versions of half life 2 i'm unsure and my team is unsure we have 3 team members and we need more so plz sign up!

and plz consider waiting patiently for the lore and storyline including gameplay previews before you judge our module (DON'T HATE APPRECIATE!)

and most likely hopefully you will hear from me alot to answer certain questions!

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