Hi I'm Sean, You may know me as the humble scribe WulfKang and well you have arrived in my domain so here's a brief summary of who I am and the things I do, Enjoy. I'm a writer as a hobby and that may become a trade who knows? Broke Game Dev/Server Developer/Community Manager on several occasions and Part-time admin for various servers in various games, Musician and lastly a sketch artist.

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Hello there,Moddibians it is I your humble scribe WulfKang yet again.

1. I have recently landed a spot at "Dark Anvil Studios" as a Author/PR for their project "The Third Age of Middle Earth" (M&B Warband Modification). As some of you may know, I've been scouring moddb for quite a few years relaying all sorts of information to help people and modders alike. With this position that I have obtained I hope to broaden my purpose in that. So expect me alot over at "The Third Age of Middle Earth" for the majority of the time but I shall still lurk around and occasionally spread my humble wisdom.

2. I finally made a group to source various things you may see me speak of. It is group where you can discover my opinions on certain mods and you may also probably discover things you've never seen! For my group that I made not too long ago "WulfKang's Order of the Humbled Scribes" I have already made two articles detailing various games of differing genre. Go there for my rambling/reviews on things in better detail if you wish.

3. Thanks for the support for those that truly enjoy my crazy antics throughout moddb. I do appreciate it. Feel free to comment about my profile or dm me with anything you find interesting around here or games/mods you want me to check out and put some input on or just simply shine a little spotlight on them.

4. Always make sure to support modders and their projects through a positive and insightful/constructive manner if you wish to be a humbled scribe like myself. Speaking of that, I am looking for more scribes to join my order so we may even further influence Moddb and help out. Always gain as much knowledge as possible before commenting questions. The depths of some mods/games comments often have little treasures for you to know.

That is all for now.
- Your humble scribe, WulfKang.

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