Hi I'm Sean, You may know me as the humble scribe WulfKang and well you have arrived in my domain so here's a brief summary of who I am and the things I do, Enjoy. I'm a writer as a hobby and that may become a trade who knows? Broke Game Dev/Server Developer/Community Manager on several occasions and Part-time admin for various servers in various games, Musician and lastly a sketch artist.

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WulfKang's Conquest pt.2

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Alas, it has been a few months since I've updated my little profile on here. But, alot has happened in the span of these few months. Tis a new year and that means new horizons both for gaming interests and my life.

I have been working with Dark Anvil Studios for quite awhile now and I have enjoyed my involvement in the very ambitious modifications that had been sprung up from last year. Two mods to be specific "The Third Age of Middle Earth" (A Lord of the rings Overhaul for M&B Warband) and "The Winds of Winter" ( A Game of Thrones Overhaul for the upcoming game M&B Bannerlord) It has been a very long ride, I've gotten to know the two leading developers quite well and we share the same interests and plans for the future thus far. I've also been lowkey pursuing music on the side and have been focusing a bit more on my education. Gaming will always be a passion of mine but I've realized you just can't devote as much time as you want to it which sucks lol.

As for my own endeavors, mainly speaking of my own collective "The Humbled Scribes" (A game/mod review group) it has stagnated quite hard. I lost the drive to keep pursuing reviewing and aiding developers and other indie titles out of nowhere. Real life events had thrown themselves in the way and I lost the consistency that I had. I do really want to continue my little group and provide attention to projects that I feel deserve it and I do really want to provide constructive feedback and other suggestions to help upcoming developers with their expeditions into various games. I've been on moddb for a long while now, I've seen all manners of content from various games and all manners of the public eye being thrown at them. Many trials and tribulations have unfolded during this time and I remedied these quite frequently.

But, enough of about me. It is I, your humble scribe, WulfKang.

WulfKang's Conquest

_WulfKang_ Blog 1 comment

The Man of The Hour

1. Well, It has been quite awhile since I left a little invoice here. I opened up a little press group which is now fairly dead. I wasn't consistent on it when it first started but it did get quite a little buzz so I may continue my efforts.

2. I'm working for Dark Anvil Studios now as their PR/Writer. It's been quite fun to work for such a ambitious collective of some of the best modders in the warband community. It's truly been an honor to speak in their name for the mod "Third Age of Middle Earth" and it's GOT counterpart.

3. I still lurk around the warband community and several others, leaving tidbits of wisdom and advice. Including enthusiastic support. I feel I do play quite a impact in certain modifications around the warband community as of late. My word seems to be well renown around the site and modders/developers in general of mainstream games and small projects seem to truly care for what I give them. It makes me happy to work within the community alongside such hardworking developers. I continue to do this with a smiling face even when some projects offer nothing but trouble.

4. In the end, on my front of creating a mod. I haven't really been trying to learn as of late. My writing has begun to speak for itself. I feel being a PR/Writer for projects is far better and easier for me instead of diving into python or doing models and textures!

5. I've made a discord where I will probably put like lists of the mods I feel should need more renown and where people can collaborate and discuss. If you want to be apart of my movement "The Humbled Scribes" Dm me.

- Your Humble Scribe, WulfKang.

Brushing the dust off: part 2

_WulfKang_ Blog

Hello there,Moddibians it is I your humble scribe WulfKang yet again.

1. I have recently landed a spot at "Dark Anvil Studios" as a Author/PR for their project "The Third Age of Middle Earth" (M&B Warband Modification). As some of you may know, I've been scouring moddb for quite a few years relaying all sorts of information to help people and modders alike. With this position that I have obtained I hope to broaden my purpose in that. So expect me alot over at "The Third Age of Middle Earth" for the majority of the time but I shall still lurk around and occasionally spread my humble wisdom.

2. I finally made a group to source various things you may see me speak of. It is group where you can discover my opinions on certain mods and you may also probably discover things you've never seen! For my group that I made not too long ago "WulfKang's Order of the Humbled Scribes" I have already made two articles detailing various games of differing genre. Go there for my rambling/reviews on things in better detail if you wish.

3. Thanks for the support for those that truly enjoy my crazy antics throughout moddb. I do appreciate it. Feel free to comment about my profile or dm me with anything you find interesting around here or games/mods you want me to check out and put some input on or just simply shine a little spotlight on them.

4. Always make sure to support modders and their projects through a positive and insightful/constructive manner if you wish to be a humbled scribe like myself. Speaking of that, I am looking for more scribes to join my order so we may even further influence Moddb and help out. Always gain as much knowledge as possible before commenting questions. The depths of some mods/games comments often have little treasures for you to know.

That is all for now.
- Your humble scribe, WulfKang.

Brushing the dust off!

_WulfKang_ Blog

It has been quite awhile since I've posted something here on my profile and for those that I see visiting it so much,Yes I can see you sneaky folks coming by every now and then.I decided to post another update as I've become more active here on moddb in the past few days!

1. My original desire to learn how to mod warband effectively and make my own series of mods has all bust really gone down the bucket list.Instead I wish to help modders with various advice among other things,I wish to help any other members on the site and review things effectively and answer various questions with the knowledge I obtain through my expeditions around the site.

2.I'm looking for work! I wish to be a author or some sort of public relations man around here.It gets kind of dry on the sidelines and what fueled this interest was actually the members that partake in making warsword conquest.The one member Polloio who tends to be the most active and answers a broad assortment of questions day by day is the one who truly inspired me to become more active around moddb.So I shall give him thanks for that as they come closer and closer to success with that mod.Go check it out,It's a warhammer fantasy mod (Not 40k,Although there is a 40k mod called "Warsword Forty Kay"? I think,It's going through fairly dire straits though last time I checked) SO if you need someone to freshen your descriptions,Make articles or just keep the public up to date with your mod.I'm your man,I could also make dialogues and possibly voice act.

3.I plan on making a group so people can keep up to date on a wide broad view of all sorts of games,Besides you seeing me in the warband community,I do frequent the MOWAS community (Men of war assault squad 1 and 2 and maybe the other oldies but goldies) and another FREE fantasy game called "The Arcane Relics" (I love that one man,It's wacky but great,Check that out if you have the time.)

SO yeah thats all I got for ya'll for now,I may make another blog next week or so,Who knows? so you better watch me.I do get around and call me out if you do catch me somewhere.I do love to hear peoples opinions and such.I do make mistakes and I do not want to spread false information about things so do call me out!

Another submission,From your humble scribe.WulfKang.

Soon to come or Not.

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As of recent months i have looked into tutorials and many guides on how to mod warband efficiently.I Am still but a novice and i am trying to learn the various methods of it.Im not a good modeler at all,Matter of fact it is quite horrific.I Have been writing various books that i hopefully can get published or publish and i look forward to writing things for people like a Service-Author or something.Most of the mods that i might bring up to the community might just be the Common Native enhancement or "Native Expansion" but i'll add some unique things alongside that.I Also have been making maps for the (MOWAS) Community "Men of war assault squad" for a looooong time now.You probably have come to my page based off of my involvement in the moddb warband community,With all the comments and critic and sometimes although rarely i insert myself into the drama some members instigate or have been conflicting over for various reasons,And i thank you for noticing me as i notice many of you out there in the community and i value most of your opinions to the various mods and your various suggestions to the developers that i sometimes agree with entirely and thats awesome.But in any case this is just me rambling about what i'm doing and what i plan to do with the community and what i hope to accomplish and or help people accomplish.And as always

Good Luck In the Future.

Consider The Following

_WulfKang_ Blog

Our Latest Project a module for half-life 2 it will take a year soo....BUT a beta will be released hopefully since we have a short staff right now and .....no support....or sponsors BUT we will go through it! NOW this mod is a prison escape mod with zombies there is lore and a story-line but most of that won't be released for a bit maybe a weeks tops or a month to get all the lore out....we don't know if it will work for some versions of half life 2 i'm unsure and my team is unsure we have 3 team members and we need more so plz sign up!

and plz consider waiting patiently for the lore and storyline including gameplay previews before you judge our module (DON'T HATE APPRECIATE!)

and most likely hopefully you will hear from me alot to answer certain questions!

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