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World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is an XP/credit grind based game that has more in common with your basic first person shooter game (i.e. Counter-Strike) than what it is advertised as being: MMO. What is worse is that unlike even your average shooter, balance is thrown out the window in this game, either to promote what is essentially a pay-2-win model this game has, or to weed out all but the most diehard enthusiast and paying customers.

Unlike what you might expect from an MMO game, this particular “MMO” basically revolves around getting plopped into a map with a handful of tanks against another handful of tanks. Last team standing or the first one to capture the other team’s flag wins. Map ends, repair/upgrade/refit and start all over again. Maybe the developers think this is a MMO because you can see how many people are logged into WoT and how many games are running.. like, eh.. Counter-Strike on STEAM, which if we go by WoT’s logic is also an MMO. Or maybe Battlefield BC2, that’d probably be a better example; as you have to level up in that game to gain access to weapons and gadgets as well.

Eh, I’ve put too much effort into this already. Basically, it’s a first-person-shooter style game with tanks. You are able to play for free, but at every corner are heavily encouraged to pay money to “enhance” your experience. For what is a free-2-play game (and what you get for your cash), said purchases ARE NOT cheap; you can easily end up spending much more on this game than one with a one-time upfront cost.

If you are looking for a true MMO, skip this game. You are not going to find epic tank battles being waged set in some huge online world. It’s CS with tanks, and a match maker substituted in for a server browser, not much else (that’s meaningful).



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