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Old Stories, New Maps?

shinobi718 Blog

Well I had made to simple stories made to outline a map, only one map finished, Zombie Fortified. I plan to try to finish the other Map Castle Hill. Though what I am currently working and working on SLOWLY is a continuation of Zombie Fortified. A map pack or mini-mod. I doubt it will reach the surface of light, but I always been doing mapping for fun, just to see if I can execute a plan or try, always just motivation problems.

Here are my two short stories:

Castle Hill

A castle on top of the hill, was a well known fortification for the rebels. Then one day, all of the rebels were gone and the combine occupied the castle now. This castle was the main supply to them in the forest area. The rebels decided to get the castle back and find out what happened. Most of the rebels thought it would be the Combine Soldiers who did this, but no one really knows. All the rebels in the area came together and made a plan to advance up hill and recapture it, but there was a hidden tunnel entrance on the hill which leads to the castle itself. Now, you and small group of rebels will go through this tunnel, while the rest go up the Castle Hill.

Zombie Fortified

During the Combine invasion of earth, they launched multiple canisters of headcrabs into the industrial area of the outskirts of City 17. Few years later, the Combine wants to gain territorial expansion, on the same industrial area. Trying to get rid of all the zombies and headcrabs without destroying the building too much, they made small fortification. There were 6 fortification in all and 6 separate zones for one fortification in each zone. Few months after the fortifications were built, things started to heat up. More zombies and headcrabs came to the fortifications, especially in groups, trying to annihilate all of the soldiers. Detected on radar, zombies appear 5 times bigger then usual advancing too all of the fortifications. All the reserved soldiers were sent out to these fortifications, but your fortification received less soldiers then others since it shown on radar it wasn't large as those. Now you, an combine Elite, and a volunteered Nova Prospeck soldier must hold off the fort.

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