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I can't seem to help my impulsiveness when it comes to coding or prototyping whatever idea I come up with, no matter how useless. I'm so behind in so many places in life, I was disabled for 6 months of last year, yet I can't stop working on whatever gets stuck in my head until I've satisfied my desire to figure it out.

Here's a prime example...something of no purpose whatsoever:

Last week for example, I've got 3 games I've sunk months into creating that aren't finished, numerous prototypes and yet last week I had some idea about making a program to generate 2d animated sprites, which I don't need for any of my games. I just got stuck on one idea after another until eventually I was out of ideas and motivation to look at it anymore.

The key parts of my interest were in packing multiple images into a single atlas, which is pretty cool, but useless for most people. Then once that was done I was wondering how can I remove the color I set the background to with the alpha channel. Then I got to thinking about lighting and shader options, and then my hunger was over. Here's yet another file on my hard drive that will never see the light of day:

Here's how it generates the sprite sheets:

Well that's my rant for the day.

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