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As if being a broke 29 year old student isn't enough I got nailed with a neurological problem called atypical trigeminal neuralgia out of nowhere which has consumed nearly 2 years of my life and creates agony every day even with terrible meds that qualify people for disability just for the meds let alone the agonizing problem.

If I hadn't been neck deep in game projects I would have killed myself to escape the pain but I just want to get through it and pursue my true passion. It's called "suicide disease" because people kill themselves to escape the pain, meds aren't very effective for it.

I'm supposed to schedule a craniotomy where they perform this procedure. I met with the surgeon last week and he said to schedule when I'm ready.

Trying to code on meds sucks, oxycodone, tegretol, neurontin, cymbalta, amitriptyline, daily for pain. The cymbalta was because I was too high on amitriptyline and getting seratonin syndrome so had to lower it and added the max dose of cymbalta which also blocks nerve pain.

Getting medical bills more than your yearly salary is pretty depressing as well, especially when you're young and have health insurance but get co-pay'd to death. Some of the drugs take away creativity completely turning you into a clouded zombie.

The worst part was not being taken seriously by doctors because my bloodwork and spinal fluid (spinal tap was terrible) is flawless and I look fit and healthy, 29 years old, 6'4 and 165lbs. Not until 8+ months when I got an MRI they found a lesion and arteries damaging the nerve which causes sharp ice pick stabbing pain across the half of the face and behind the eye whenever you move it. The lesion was diagnosed as tolosa-hunt syndrome but the eye pain never went away after taking immune-suppressing steroids for months.

Right now I'm trying to wrap up some childrens android games before I get the craniotomy, and it's my last semester of school to top it off, so I should probably work ahead before getting chopped up. Frustrating...

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