I started working on level design with Unreal Tournament 2004 in 2007. I created custom levels for fast paced multiplayer matches using increased movement and physics. I ventured out into custom texturing with characters, modeling, and coding new weapons. I later took two years of Java, I can understand many other languages easily as well now. Though I tried working with many of the design fields, I preferred level design. I currently am currently working to expand my experience and to refine my skills. Though I may be artistic when it comes to level design, I am still very logical, and a strong problem solver. I enjoy working in a team with others, but also am a strong self motivator. Being a student developer can be difficult some times but it really comes down to prioritizing and time management. I am currently woking on Siege of Inaolia, you should give it a look!

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So, it's been a while since my last blog post, I'm back in Dallas, dealing with my up coming job for the next semester so I haven't really had time to post.

But there has been progress with Siege!

First off, if you currently a watcher of Siege of Inaolia, then Congrats you get access to the new Duncan Blade!


If you aren't currently a watcher, than you should become one because we will have more rewards for our watchers later on as well!

Do it:

Also, about that Snow Arena, it has had some progress (sorta). I posted this update a while ago also to Siege, but never got around to making the update:
(Actual in-game screenshot)

I'm also suppose to be getting new rocks for the snow Arena and the Lava arena, so once they are done I will be able to pretty much blast through it.

Yeah so, subscribe if you like custom equipment!

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