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shayoko @ Evil Labs

This was inspired by Fallout Shelter

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shayoko @ Resident Evil : Escape From The Nightmare

pages like this should be removed. the game has long since been dead. with no updates. there is not even a playable demo. it is pointless.

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shayoko @ One Piece - Triple Duels III v8.20 AIO Gold

Having put 50+ Hours into this as a One piece Fan i really enjoyed it.
the biggest complaints most would have is needing to press enter a lot which there are several ways around that.
and that some cards are hard to obtain because of the chance you will get it.
my biggest issues are needing to reset your deck most battles
not being able to select cards through search
and cards like Ain feeling underpowered

Regardless i enjoyed the unique and simple experience.

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shayoko @ One Piece - Triple Duels IV/War of Thrones v3.03

As a Fan of One Piece i highly look forward to this.i enjoyed the demo and
can't wait for a content update!

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shayoko @ Gutterdelve gets creepier and more uncomfortable!

Includes spoilers

Finished this finally i cant say overall i enjoyed the game as id have to have issues to enjoy suffering of others.
tho in that regard. it was less offensive then i was expecting.
part of which was not going into too much details with those events.

and after you escape from the nightmare cage the 1st time. i really wanted the game to end there. it was dragged out at that point for me. even worse with the mazes.
honestly the rape backstorys and such felt completely pointless.
i mean i saw no reason for it to have been in the story until the very last scene which it made sense what you were aiming for at that point.

not a fan of mazes at all. but the look of the mapping was good for rtp :3
something else i really liked was having a succubus that was not evil (by normal standards anyway)
also that may be the 1st time i seen a succubus model on this engine now that i think about it :3
i love ma cute demons :D

Overall it was a...ok game (i cant bring myself to say higher due to the subect)
anyway good job for finishing your project!

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shayoko @ One Piece - Triple Duels Compilation

game has alot of play time but obtaining some cards can be extremely annoying :3
i dont know how many hours ive been trying to get Z and his crew o.o

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shayoko @ Illumina

Agreed games needs ability to edit controls including mouse speed which is a bit to fast
i would not say its unplayable but in my case its not comfortable to play

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shayoko @ Contagion

id love to try this but i cant stand steam,just so many problems :/
i wish the 1st thing games said is if they were on it or not
just want to get game and play not sigh on or need another program to play : (

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shayoko @ Sword Art Online

looking forward to this,i have only heard of the cry engine recently seems to be capable of some visually astonishing games
hopefully this gets the support and staff it needs to see completion

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shayoko @ Metal Gear Arena

Metal Gear one of the reasons i was proud to be a console owner :3

gl with this!

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shayoko @ Super Smash Bros. Crusade

last update was Aug 20, 2012 im surprised anyone is still expecting updates this is a long dead project
in 2 months and 6 days will be 2 years!

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shayoko @ The Train

Sadly the game crashed and i did not want to start over.
but with that aside
the parts of the game i played were enjoyable
as for horror
because ive seen enough
nothing caught be by surprise
id amuse myself by guessing the most likely things that were going to happen b4 i went into a new area :3
still this is a good game
id recommend trying it

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shayoko @ Path of Shadows

WoW this looks cool,this is further proof the future of gaming is in indie and kickstarter
and impo Rpg maker :3

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shayoko @ Stalked@Home

the more games like these i see the more i want one where we play the killer,ghost,monster and or badguy :3
and strategically kill/capture them one by one :3

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shayoko @ DreadOut

Saw a playthru of this
this game should defiantly be higher in the popularity,otherwise dont compare it to multiplayer or non horror games at least.
should seriously try this.
its a very impressive game.

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shayoko @ Insert Title Here

Hello,i wanted to try playing this after i saw a playthru for ever it seems as tho the mouse does not work
i cant look in different directions.
the cursor doesn't realize it is supposed to control the character.
i can start the game but that's all.
i have never had this kind of issue b4 so i have no clue what to try to fix it.
any ideas?

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