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SHASUI @ The Red Wars

Better add Machno, the Black Guard (not the romanian one, but the anarchist russian one), or some other anarchist factions. Or Korean communism. Or Trotzkists.

Or if we want some boring sh**ty 'NOT THE GLORIOUS NAZIE REICH TYPE OF FASCISM' little fascist faction (pinochet was more of a fascist than a regular cappie), we have Frankist Spain or Ungern's Mongolia (well, it wasn't sh**ty, but it was fascist).

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SHASUI @ The Red Wars

>time to be a good dog and serve you capitalist masters

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SHASUI @ Hearts of Iron: 1984

Also, Oceania flag is wrong. It should be a black one with INGSOC symbols, instead of the british one.

And Eurasia flag is depicted not the same as here.

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SHASUI @ Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)

yeah, the mod is dead, and all the updates and stuff- they are here just for lulz

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SHASUI @ Expanded Nations

Ukraine and Belarus are parts of the Soviet Union, the founding republics, actually, not puppets. Or maybe I just misunderstood the meaning you put into the word "puppet"/puppet state.

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SHASUI @ Equestria at War

You mean, replacing the default "human" soldiers?

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SHASUI @ Equestria at War

I know that 3d modding is kinda hard, but the human soldiers figures on the map are EXTREMELY immersion-breaking(myself, I was unable to continue to play because of it, and resorted to reading the mod wiki to and fro instead). Perhaps you could use some pony model from google, and insert it into the game to replace the humans? The model can be low-res and not animated, it can be used both for ponies and non-ponies, in any case it will still be much better having some animals called animals than having a squad of humans called animals (yeah, humans are animals in the scientific classification, but I'm speaking in a human-non human context).

BTW, how about re-naming pony/non-pony infantry into "cavalry"? It's not necessary, but would be cool.

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SHASUI @ European Phenotype and Names Only

Great mod. I'm in no way "racist", but when I want to roleplay a 'white-nation-name' only empire, having black people, asians, and indian-named people is breaking the immersion.Plus there is a huge disbalance in the game- the non-whites are more numerous than whites. And the non-white portraits are pretty ugly (which looks a bit like a racist propaganda from Paradox). BTW, I'm asian.

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SHASUI @ HD Dark Eldar Icons

Is it me eyes, or are the deldar titans not on the picture? I hope they didn't remoove the actual titans from the mod, right?

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SHASUI @ Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)

Just one of those comments about asking the addition of ballistic suits as proper titans for tau, which now only utilize an ordinary riptide as a titan, and a mako hombrew mk-2.

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SHASUI @ Hearts of Iron: 1984

Are the supertanks, floating fortresses and rocketbombs ingame? Also, are those pre-1984 countries, like "Revolutionary SSR" cannon?

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SHASUI @ The Red Wars

So, is the new version of the mod in progress, or is there some internal problem with it?

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SHASUI @ Image 3

> Do you have permission to use it?

Why do you care?

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs


Are you mentally ill?
Or should I report you for bad language?

Did I ask you something about pensions? Or do you just assault people with random stuff that is irrelevant to the point of the discussion?


What "freedom" Being a slave of a government? Just don't lie that you are an anarhist or smth.

>как оригинально

Что "оригинально", поехавший?

>зажить там в свое удовольствие

Тешить свои животные инстинкты. Вот только ты не сможешь даже это, так как твоя мотивация- это не желание жить хорошо, и жить в США, нет. Твоя мотивация- это тупая ненависть к России, которую ты прикрываешь якобы борцунством за свободу. Либерахи вроде тебя готовы на всё ради ненависти к России. Речь о СССР и Рейхе? Всё, вы за Рейх и переобуваетесь на лету в нацистов. Речь о РФ и КНР? Всё, вы уже коммунисты, хотя коммунизм ненавидите. Речь о РФ и хороших отношениях с Трампом? Всё, США говно, мы сами за себя. Вы просто глупые деструктивные животные, получающие удовольствия от оного деструктива, и пытающиеся его и для себя и для окружающих обосновать боробой за "свободу" и "хорошую жизнь". Ба, вы даже это прикрытие нарушаете, и если в РФ где-то есть свобода, то вы тут же начинаете топить против свободы, и за стальной порядок и тоталитаризм. Аналогично и с уровнем жизни. Если в РФ зарплата лучше чем скажем в украине, то тут же вы начинаете "деньги не главное, главное патриотизм/ракеты/танчики", хотя сами раньше топили за противоположное.

И если ты, животное, переедешь в США, то ты не будешь жить хорошо. А будешь продолжать истекать ненавистью к РФ и строчить боевые посты в интернете.

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>another misleading thought of yours
What "misleadinhg thought"? Are you nuts? It took you days to answer my posts. It's a FACT, and the time-codes in the posts show it. You are just so accustomed to lying, that you try to deny reality.
>little moth
>your squealing
That's how your mother calls you? Somebody here spoke about culture and rudeness, but continues to insult other people by calling them diminutive names. Maybe I should report you?

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SHASUI @ Princes of Darkness

Are you by any chance planning to create a Final Nights 'era' mod for HOI4 and a Deep Umbra mod for Stellaris?

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SHASUI @ Russia divided

So it's ok for you to have an alternate history where Russia is divided, but it is "unrealistic" if a part of this divided Russia annexed Romania in this alternate timeline?

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>is typical
Says who?
Where "here"?
So, if I lie, will you give some proof of it, and some arguments and proofs as to the 'thruthfulness' of your words? I thought so.
>i consider
>на рашке
>пишите письма
>не станешь
Ты поехавший?
>у меня гораздо более амбициозные намерения
Свалить из России в США, и продолжать своё пустое кукарекание оттуда?
Ты больной?

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>bla bla bla illusions bla bla bla you are a nzies bla bla bla
That's no argument.
>over the truth
So much pathos from a depraved person who is unable to give any sane arguments, and only writes continuous nonsense that is irrelevant to the point.

The funny thing is: it took you days to write this piece of madness, that consists of 3 lines and 40 short words, lol.

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>bla bla bla murder of consiousness
>bla bla bla murder of cosisiususus
>bla bla bla mirder os cosnsusuus
>bla bla bla...X9000

Do you have any arguments, or will you continue to repeat some schizophrenic nonsense about some "murder of consiousness"? Or will you at least be sane enough to explain- WHAT murder of WHAT consciousness and HOW it is relevant to the topic of the discussion?

I gave you arguments and you gave me none in return. The "AND YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME" is no argument for not giving argument either.

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>is equal to
Because you said it? And because you said that peace and liberty are a must? And how is it relevant to the point of the discussion?
What is "moskvabad"?
So, to be a truly free person, you do not have to fight a revolution against laws of man, nature, physics, the hypothetical gods, your own inner limitations, and existence-unexistence itself, but you just have to write comments that criticise Russia? Do I understand you correctly?
Also, insulting you opponent and calling him a "slave" is no argument, do you know?
I did not kill any living being that had a conscience.
You know that morals are just a bunch of subjective words? And that your morals are not better than my?
What lies?
>deserve it
Says who?
As I said- I am not your matey.

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SHASUI @ The Red Wars

So, when there will be a blog about the Cornered Nerds faction?

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Ah, at last. GO GO BROM!

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>bla bla bla vlasov

I said: Yakutia is part of Russia. That's a fact. At this part of the argument, I am correct, and you are wrong(as always). Your sarcasm is not an argument and does not proove that the fact is not a fact, and that I am wrong.

And throwing in stuff that is irrelevant to the point- is demagogy.

>ряя попы колорадские ленточки

И к чему ты это?

>is a fact
Do you have PROOFS of this "fact"?

>I don't need any
Or what?

>я не
Ты просто очередной русофоб, у которого помимо штампов "кровавый совок/триллионы расстреляных лично сталиным/финны были правы ЯСКОЗАЛ/+15 оля/орвелл писал!/западправ/китайвасзахватит" больше нет ничего в голове, и который помимо этого ничего привести не может.

>с удовольствием перееду на запад
Но в итоге переедешь в последнее жилище из сырой земли и деревянного ящика 2 на 0.5.

>люди теряют, спиваются, мрут как мухи
Да, на Западе.

>murder drugs violence
That's just a random assortment of words. Are you mentally ill or are you a neural network?

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>bla bla bla red tape bla bla bla matey
That's no argument.

>you were implying
I was implying the finnish war, that was not a part of WW-2 or the great patriotic war.

Speaking about manners is no argument. Also, you were the first who started insulting communism and the USSR, you were the first who started "matey"ing a person that you do not know and who is not your "matey" so it's you who started the whole "bad manners thing".

Rejections of your demagogy? I tell you about A- you tell me about B, instead of giving arguments for/against A. That's demagogy.

>bla bla bla orwell bla bla bla laddie

You are poured off, you know? Again.

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>suppose you should know that if a human being is got beaten up with a hammer for days or stripped of his sleep for a week he will told everything you want to hear. But of course you know.


>esults are tyrants' yoke, millions are dead and red vultures feasting on those millions

Thats not an argument.

>1. Oh, I know of collaboration in countries of western Europe and even in U.S. though Hitler's submarine raids quickly healed every pro-Nazi sentiments in America, as well as air bombing of Britain resolved them to fight.
2. "Preserving peace" commies? Cool bed-time story, matey. Tell it to Finnish (Winter war), or Poles (occupation of eastern Poland), or Brits with French (fuels for Hitler's war machine). Very strange method to "preserve peace", laddie.
3. You know matey, even soviet "historians" like to shake before faces of readers of trophies and other sweet goodies that Nazies got during early stages of war. Fuels, materials, weapons, ammo, either captured on site or tossed away by running reds.
So many burned tanks and aircrafts and captured materials of war and pow's... why so much good stuff concentrated on the border? If you're saying and other "historians" saying that commies were trying to preserve the peace?

I repeat:
1) The soviet union tried to support Peace with the Nazie Germany(and prevent WW2) by behaving decently with nazi germany. Can you counter this fact, or will you try to walk away from answering, by throwing in stuff that is irrelevant to the point?
2) Poland and Finland were not parts of the Reich and having war with them was not braking the peace deal with the reich, and was not starting WW-2.
3)Poland annexed parts of Ukraine and Belarus, and Finland had Russian Carelia and provoked the USSR. They are wrong and the USSR is just.
4) The good stuff was concentrated at the border as a line of protection against the nazies/

>bla bla bla hypocricy bla bla bla lies

That's no argument.

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>Finland Democratic Republic" and Otto Kussinen surely doesn't ring your little bell.
Оруэлл будто в воду глядел...

That is not an argument and does not counter the fact, that at the moment of the winter war, the reds came not not take all finland, but came to take only Carelia.

>Well, for reds War is Peace. For reds Freedom is Slavery. For reds Ignorance is Strength.

Are you able to use valid arguments instead of stupid sarcasm? Quoting Orwell is not an argument, especially if you do not give any arguments as to the appropriateness of the quotation and the arguments as to the correctness of Orwells words.

>No wonders why Poles and Finnish fought the reds with their arms.

Because they were a bunch of fools, believing that an independent poland is something worth fighting for, OR finnish carelia is worth fighting for. Basically, their only argument is: somebody told us that carelia must be finnish/poland's flags must fly in Lviv. Thats all.

>Brilliant, on the each fact there's a whaling "Western propaganda!" And "took those lands back". I've been wondering why such immoral hypocrisies running things in your ideology.
But in the end, why should I wonder to call for conscience of conscience killers?
>bla bla bla you are wrong I SAY

That's no argument.

>Intenal affairs? That's what Nazis were telling about their death camps.
"reds killed traitors, criminals, nazies"

Bringing some non-argumented analogues is no argument.

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>there s
Yakutia is part of the Russian Federation, it is a FACT. Russian laws, russian flags, russian army, russian language, russian culture, russian taxes, etc.
>vlasov tricolors
Your trolling is just going more and more absurd. The trikolor was used by Russia BEFORE vlasov was even born, and the trikolor was used after the fall of the USSR not because of some associations with vlasov.
>it' closed more to china
>gets closer and closer
The land stands up and walks? Or will you tell me about a mythical chinisation? Also, the whole notion of you hating the "evil" Russian "empire", and liking the chinese expansionism/the usa imperialism is such a show of double standards.
What funeral?
>any proof
If you do not give proof, than you have lost the discussion, or, in russian- ты слился.

И да, чтоб показать какой ты дохрена русский- не обязательно писать по-русски. Тем более, что твой русский настолько корявый, что неудивлюсь, что ты не нацменский еврейчик из Якутии, а таки житель запада под проксями.

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>bla bla bla ruskies bla bla bla bad ruskies
>я живу в Якутии
Yakutia is a region that is part of the Russian Federation.
>look above
Looked. I was right and you were wrong.
>consider them as brothers
1. So what?
2. Any proof of that?
>some people consider
So what?
>bla bla bla bear bla bla bla ruskies
Do you have scishophasia? У тебя шизофазия? Сам хоть понимаешь, что несёшь, и к чему несёшь? Половина твоих комментариев- написанное ни к селу ни к городу. Я тебе об одном- ты мне о другом.

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SHASUI @ Development Blog #3 - United Federation of the Vaegirs

>Reds do quickly forget and dump it fast into the nearest river. Old George Orwell was right.

Forget what? The fact, that the reds came not to annex Finland, but to annex Carelia?

>it's the nations who have the guts to resist like Poles and Finnish, to protect for the safety of their families and property and their lifes. To protect their freedom from tyrants and opressors such as reds and nazis alike.

And what's the point of this comment? I was speaking about russian "guts", and you write something about polands. Also, a nations "freedom" is not a person's freedom. It's just nationalistic "our piece of cloth on a pole is better than having their piece of cloth on a pole" nonsense.

>Wonderful. Plundering, evictions, mass executions, confiscations, rapings, torture basements of НКВД and other invented western propaganda

The fact is: Poland annexed western parts of Soviet Ukraine and Soviet Belarus. And USSR just took those lands back. Thats all.

>not before
The fact is: a war, a game, a competition is judged by its results, not by middle-results. And the results are: Nazies were defeated.

>they became BFF's

And you propose...? The Soviet Union should have started a conflict with the Nazie Germany, instead of trying to prevent the war, only because...YOU SAID IT?

>BFF's not for long, eh, matey?
While commies were feeding the Hitler's war machine with oil and minerals something has gone wrong, eh?

And you propose what? Insted of trying to make friends with somebody, you should attack him?

The fact is: The Soviet Union tried to preserve peace, and it was the Nazies who started the war. Also, read about the western support of the Nazies.

>millions of lifes
We implied the Finnish war, not WW-2 in this part of the discussion. As to the WW-2, it was not a pyrrus victory. The Soviet Union lost a big portion of the population, BUT it was not critical, and USSR recuperated fast and became a superpower.

>millions killed in red camps...NKVD

It is not a part of the war. It is INTERNAL affairs, you troll. The reds killed traitors, criminals, nazies. Those executed do not count as war-losses, and there were only 600 000 executed in total- less than a million. While in holy Murica they have 6 000 on deathrow in 21-th century.

>i doubt
I said: that's no argument.

>was divided
So, how does it stop the fact that berlin was succesfully taken by the soviet army from being a fact? You just continue to throw in stuff that is irrelevant to the point of the discussion. I tell you that USSR DID NOT divide poland 50/50- you start telling me about plundering and executions. I tell you about victory in Berlin- you tell me about post-war division of Berlin. While I continue to follow the line of discussion, you just wander off into other subtopics.

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