Hi my name is Josip Koninckx, but you can adress to me as Shadow Fox. I am a 17 year old student at KTA1 Hasselt (not the best school ever (but the worst *coughs*)) but I can take one more year. I downloaded this Client-thingie because since some years I have this thing for Indie games. Big time companies might give us things like Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto, etc. But you can see the love is gone. While in Indie games, these people make games worthwhile. There's a part of their soul that is inside this game. That is why, I think, Desura is a good client. It helps soon to be bigtime developers to get known by a community. I myself am planning to become a Developer and if I ever were to launch a game, and I will, than I will probably use this client for my first few games.

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My activity has gone down lately...

Well let's blame school, that and I'm taking on too many projects at once.
I've been scrolling around Desura lately and I got a pop-up that changed my life!
But not really I saw that Amnesia: The Dark 'Ooha! what was that?!' Decent
is on sale. I absolutely adore this game *fangirl shriek*

You should really buy this game if you like a good horror that scares you just with atmosphere and sounds, and one or two monsters from time to time. Happy puzzle solving! Oh and there's a mutated human trying to rape you while you do it. But don't be scared, once you've solved it the monster magicaly disappears :D

So, what I want to say really is BUY THE GAME

Shadow out.

Project Zomboid Fan Group

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I've been working on the group today, or better said an update video for it.
I haven't heard from the Inde Stone so I'm not sure if I can do this.
I'm going to anyways if they want me to take it down then so be it.
I sent two messages.

Today I did the first part of the video, putting files together, next I'm going to make the
camera movements in After effects, hope I can upload it tommorow for you guys!
If you even look at my account from time to time :D


Cry of fear

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I'll be playing this mod/game nxt because I've seen Pewdiepie(https://www.youtube.com/user/PewDiePie)
play it and it seemed very nice from what I've seen. A challenging and yet scary mod/game
I love that. Almost like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which is also worth your cash!

Now I already own Half-Life 2 So I think I can run this mod no problem, but I am unsure
how Desura and Steam work together. I guess they got a pact of cooperation because
Valve has a group/company tab in Desura so I think it's gonna run smoothly!

Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog, review kinda thingie. When I end my last year of school
I'm going to study for Game Developer. And since I love a challenging game (Demon's Souls
/Dark Souls) you can expect me to make games like that or at least in the same difficulty level.

Happy gaming everyone!
Shadow Fox


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Another game I met through youtube, this is becoming an addiction.
Towns... Yes. So uhm... Where do I start, I downloaded the ingame 20-day demo
(longer time than you might think) and I started playing while having one of my Friends(Henryuuki)
watch through Skype screenshare so he could chat with me and help me out.
SInce he knew more than me he was very helpfull.

So I started playing on a normal map and skipped the tutorial because I had a viewer.
At the start this game looked promising, a bit like Age of Empires II if you remember that game.
The only difference is that the AI that makes the characters do things according to the priority
table is a bit messed up. It made the gameplay bad and made me end up in situation
where the whole town was dying.

Eventually I quit the game because I couldn't get my town to move on.
Everyone starved to death and the ones that didn't die of starvation I drowned in magicaly
appearing water. Probably a development issue like the no-clipping in Dead Island.

If I would buy the game? Probably yes, and I'll hope they take out those glitches later.
But when I will buy it, I'm not sure. Tommorow, next week, next year?
But for anyone that likes a rustique and genuinly fun game, this is what you're
looking for.

Have a nice evening,
Shadow Fox

Project Zomboid

shadowsfox Blog

I absolutely LOVE this game! I have played for sometime and I have to say,
for a game that is pre-alpha it's got LOADS of features. Most games that are pre alpha
only have their engine up. (looking back at minecraft)
But this game has a crafting table, combat system, cooking system and so on!

So I only have to say one thing, IF ANYONE IS READING THIS BUY ZOMBOID!
It's only €6 Which even I could spare when I was in kindergarten. (although I didn't really buy anything at that age :/) So get your mouse, click the search bar, type Project Zomboid and click the fucking BUY BUTTON!

Slashing zombies,

Shadow Fox

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