In my free time, I read books (mostly fantasy novels like the Lord of The Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire), play games and watch Anime and Tv-Shows. I usually play Strategy games, mostly from the Total War series. And a few from other genres like Tomb Raider and Mad Max.

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Age of the Ring

Mod review

I've been following this mod since it early days. And I really like the direction it has taken.

The demo so far introduces new mechanics, (like units guarding buildings), new units for the current factions, HD textures and new models.

In due time this mod will be epic. That's all I can say.


Edain Mod

Mod review

About a year or two ago I wrote a review and gave it a 10 to this mod. But then I deleted it, because it seemed unfair to rate 10 to a mod in german when I don't speak german.
But now after months of 4.0's release, I can write a review knowing that I have been playing the mod as it should be played.

The amount of work put in this mod it's incredible.
The visuals, the models, etc are of an excellent quality. The maps are very well done.
Every faction has it's own gameplay and strategies. It's easy to spot the amount of study conducted to make this as true to the lore as possible.
Having buildplots again makes combats more enjoyable not only in multiplayer game, but against the AI as well.
Another good point is the return of the Create a Hero system. Which has been rebalanced to fit with the mod's overall gameplay.

I could write down the remaining 3000 characters explaining why this mod is so awesome. But that would be boring.
All I can say is that this mod is worth it, A must have for every LOTR fan.

And to the Devs, thank you for all your efforts and your time to give us (the players) such a fine jewel of modding.
May the Valar watch over you.


ROR's BFME 1 HD Patch

Mod review

If you ever wanted to play vanillia BFME in HD. Then all you need to do now is download this patch.


Divide and Conquer

Mod review - 9 agree

The best submod for TATW I've ever seen. Great job and I look forward to the next releases.


Return of Shadow

Mod review - 3 agree - 1 disagree

The first time I played lone wolf I did't like it (It was a couple of years ago). And I thought that I wouldn't change my mind.
But when Radspark announced that he would release Return of Shadow I decided to give it a try.
Definetely this mod deserves a 10/10. It's the first mod that actaully introduces a well thought solution for the low command points limit, and practicaly overhauls the entire game. Besides Radparks is always trying to help people who had problems with the mod.
Thanks and good luck.
I cant wait for Beta 0.2


Shadow and Flame

Mod review - 10 agree - 1 disagree

I thing this mod has future. It felt good to play with another evil faction. Great work and I hope that you release the next versions soon.


Third Age - Total War

Mod review - 1 agree

Since I first played Rome I TW, I always thought that a LOTR TW would be an excellent idea. This mod is what I always wanted.


Battles of the Third Age

Mod review - 10 agree - 2 disagree

And they call it a Mod!
BotTa is by far the best mod I've ever seen for ROTWK. Why?
-Every faction has new units, heroes, and a new gameplay. Factions like Mordor or Mysty Mountains will have to make alliances with other servants of the eye, in order to get their maximum power. Other factions like the elves and the Dwarves will call their allyes (mini-factions) to fight off the Shadow.
-Every unit has high-res textures, includinh heroes.
-Every faction as a hero or two, like Aragorn or Gandalf which as they level-up, they'll change. For example, Aragorn will start as Strider and end up as Elessar. Besides most heroes have a power which uses dialogues from the movie, as Aragorn's Hour of Wolves.
-One of the things I love the most, is the new AI. Now you can play against the PC without having to worry about being atacked with a huge army in the first 5 minutes.
-I could name a few other things but the list will become VERY large.
It's one of those MUST-HAVE mods, that every one will enjoy playing. Dowload it and see it by yourself
The most important thing about the mod. It has leader wich listens to every fan opinion or problem.
Thanks MorgulLord for this Awesome Mod!

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