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Alan Wake

Game review

Great game that makes you not want to turn it off! if you dont enjoy cutscreens then you will not enjoy the game as you wont get a chance to be drawn into the story, but if you do enjoy them then you will more than likely enjoy this game, always on edge and expect the un-expected!


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Game review - 1 agree

awesome game i love it, only giving it a 9 because i do miss the ability to get spears, halberds and such (like morrowind had) hopefully somone will mod them in :)


Section 8

Game review

Just got this game (yeah i know a bit late) and i think it is a really good game and it wasnt a steam only release so big plus from me because of that,

The gameplay of section 8 reminded me exactly like the old battlefield 2 game and thats something i really liked about it, a good variation in the weapons like the machine gun can ignore shields and damage the player directly, but not very accurate so more than useless at longer ranges where the assault rifle was much better, but you had to take down the shields first.
With all the perks and items you can equip on yourself i found it a very balanced and rewarding system.

I did feel like this game was missing a little something to make it perfect, i was to busy being shot out of a space ship at the battlefield to actually figure out what it was :)

9/10 from me

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