I specialize in game design, creating interesting and unique concepts either from original ideas or prior gameply elements. I tend to stick towards old-school game styles and keeping visual representation consistent. There's a lot of projects I've started and left in cold-storage, mostly do to my free time being sevearly limited to work on such projects, but I usually make up for it with fast production methods.

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So yesterday I found out that Game Maker, or as its now known, Game Studio is now free for the Standard version.I haven't felt compelled to buy into it since it went to Yoyo, but now I thought, why the hell not?So I dug up some old projects to see if they convert well, a few code changes and functions have dissappaered through a few versions, but I was able to get 4 old projects up and running on the new Game Maker/Studio.I have a few more to test, but among them was Shield Breaker, which I did want to complete one day, and Even vs. Odd puzzle game.I found out that you need pro to compile to Win 8, mobile, OSX, and such, so that parts not free. But the compile product ran fine on Windows 8 so its good enough for me.Now that I can update these things, I plan on going through some of the projects I left open source here at Gamejolt and updating them to work with the new game maker/studio, so you don't have to! I don't plan on reviving many of them, but I figure Conteptaul RPG gets the most hits, maybe people would like a Game Studio working version.I could also bring back the Crawl RPG maker in Game Studio, since it may be powerful enough to handle voxel drawing. I'll have to play around with it first.
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