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saysalla @ Sky Mesa

I didn't really like the ending however, since there is no story or buildup. You run in a black wall and the mod just kind of stops. Some sort of story would have helped, even if it's just "Oh no you got captured escape the lab!" or something. Overall it's not too bad, I had fun playing it.

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saysalla @ Sky Mesa

Just finished it, okay for what seems to be your first mod. I don't know much about map editing or game design or anything, but here's pretty much what I thought as I was playing it:

At the very beginning you barely have any ammo, which is kind of strange considering how you have tons of ammo for the rest of the mod. That made the first few rooms harder than they should be. I guess the idea was to get the vortigaunt to zap the houndeyes for you to conserve ammo, but the enemies didn't seem to cooperate and my one clip would run out anyway. But hey, at least I got to melee some houndeyes and a bullsquid, something I would never have done in the original game.

Later on, there is a large duct before a room full of vorts, and if you step in the middle or the right side of that duct it trigger some horrible hall of mirrors effect for some reason. Other than that one part the level seems to be pretty solid and doesn't seem to break apart anywhere else.

I also found it pretty strange how there are no grenades in the mod, or at least they are very well hidden, because I didn't find any. They would have been pretty useful for a couple of the soldier fights or the part with the tentacle.

I found the side sequence with the cut enemy kind of creepy, because all you do is find buttons and open doors, and there are no enemies to fight or items to find during the whole thing. And there isn't really a payoff either, all you see is an alien that doesn't really do anything and dies easily.

I thought the part at the end with the gluon gun was pretty cool, since you don't get to use it that much in the original game, and never on soldiers. The tripmines you get at the same time are pretty pointless though, since you don't really get to use them. I would rather have had grenades or satchel charges there.

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