Lives in Michigan in the USA. Long time game designer.

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RSS Prophesy of Pendor 3.7 (view original)
Prophesy of Pendor 3.7
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Change Log
3.7 to 3.701
fixed get_object failed for mesh dedal_map_snake_cult_b
fixed miscelaneous mesh and texture issues.
Fixed rumour interval issues with incorrect reference of backgrounds for answer 2.
Fixed castle in desert being trapping Lords.
Moved all cities and castles slighly away from water to prevent inadvertant lords getting stuck.
Fixed faction wanting to kill other parties of the same faction.

37.01 to 3.702
Added some additional art missed in earlier versions.
Captured Speciality Lords correctly report that they will pay 100,000 for their release.
Fixed background enemy encounter scripts.

3.702 to 3.704
Addressed the background spawn and renegade party name changes
Reworked Faction issues.
Reduced total amount of spawns creating game instability
Changed the physician healing text to be coherent
Changed the face code on bald kidnapped victims to generate hair.
Changed Adonja face Code..
Moved a stray d'shar village back to the Principalities territory
Reduced resolution textures (x6) of new cobra and anaconda armours (me and other players noticed lag when first time scrolling inventory),
Modified Beserk armour (barbar_armor_simple in DtheHun_osp_barbar_PoP3.brf), which is simpler version of Wolfbode_Armor
Changed mesh for Enchanted_Noldor_Armor
Streamlined the bard - Innkeeper conversation
Modified Double axe mesh with updated version.
Vanskerry warrior now always spawns with a horse.
Added back last page of Banners from v3.6
Lowered the volume and intensity of rain sound
Corrected character name
Copyedited the 3.7 dialogues
Enhanced the snake cult party names

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